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1923 Ford Other New 23 T-Bucket 350cui. Auto Tri-Power Automatic

$ 15000

Trim:23 T-Bucket 350cui. Auto Tri-Power
Drive Type:RWD
Vehicle Title:Rebuilt, Rebuildable & Reconstructed
|Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

Ihave to sell this T-Bucket due to health issues and cannot finishthis project. I built this from the ground up and started this [email protected] 7 years ago. I can no longer kneel or lay under the car. Everythingon this car is New or Rebuilt. It goes into indoor storage inNovember and is brought out in April.FRAME:The frame is made from 2" x 3" steel tubing and it wasbuilt on a jig and MIG welded by a Master welder. After mock-ups itwas bead blasted, etched, and Powder Coated in Bright Yellow. IT ISNICE!MOTOR:The engine is a GM 350 CUI. Crate Motor with a mild cam. There isonly @ 4 mi on the motor. IN/OUT of storage only.Ithas Speedway Stainless Steel headers which can be polished. The carhas a Ford 9" refurbished rear-end It has a Turbo 350refurbished Transmission with an Auto transmission cooler and B&MShifter. There is also a Chrome custom made RH & LH combo PanhardBar and Watts Link on the rear-endCARBURATION:The engine gets its fuel from 3 Rochester 2G carbs sitting on top ofa Edelbrock Tri-Power manifold. All have been rebuilt with Speedway'sTri-Power Kit. The Primary has a manual choke if needed. Note; Idisconnected the progressive linkage post because there is plenty ofpower with just the primary carb. To hook-up the secondaries is asimple task. Just put the post back onto the throttle arm.TIRES:There are Continental 145/65 R15 72T on the front and big HOOSIERQUICK TIME tires on the rear that are mounted on Weld polishedaluminum racing rims.
Information about 1923 Ford Other for sale on this page. See price and photos of the Other Ford 23 T-Bucket 350cui. Auto Tri-Power
BRAKES:Brakes are hydraulic disk with 9" on the front and 11 1/4"on the rear. Note; The rear calipers were purchased with the addedE-Brake hardware. I also installed a proportioning valve during thebuild.BODY:The extended and channeled body along with door came from Speedway.The long bed came from CCR. I have @ 1 qrt of the yellow bodybase-coat which is included.Thisbrings me to the two issues with this T-Bucket.First;It needs an interior/seat installed. There is black carpet installedon the floor and I have cardboard panels I made for the interiorsides that can be glued and stapled to the wood blocks. I haveupholstered R&L side front kick panels which need to be glued in.I also have some extra carpet and rolled and pleated vinyl included.You can buy an interior kit from Speedway for @ 1K.Secondly;The E-Brakes need to be hooked-up. I have a new in the box Wilwoode-brake kit #[hidden information]. You can get info on the installation online. Ialso have a new set of seat-belts still in the box included. Alllights, directionals, flashers, horn are working including LEDindicators for high and low beams. All wiring came from PainlessWiring. Gauges include Fuel,Oil,Amps,Temp,Speedo. There is a Walnutveneer dash panel and Walnut steering wheel. Ifyou get an interior and e-brake installed you'll have a 25K T-Bucket.NOTE: I you purchase this car you'll need a car hauler that is atleast 7' wide. Thiscar has yet to be titled and has no VIN# other than an engine block#.This car is Sold As Is. IFYOU LIKE FAST AND LOUD THIS T-BUCKET IS FOR YOU!CHROME-Valve Covers/BreathersCHROME-Oil Fill Pipe/CapCHROME-Starter/SolenoidCHROME-Fuel PumpCHROME-Air CleanersCHROME-Motor Mount ShieldsCHROME-Flaming River Vega Steering BoxCHROME-Oil Filter CoverCHROME-Oil PanCHROME-Trans PanCHROME-Harmonic BalancerCHROME-Timing Gear CoverCHROME-Water Pump/PulleyCHROME-Crank PulleyCHROME-Radiator HosesCHROME-Radiator Thermo Cooling FanCHROME-GM Alternator/BracketsCHROME-CoilCHROME-FRONT SUSPENSIONCHROME-Rear Adj Coil Over ShocksCHROME-Front Hairpin Radius RodsCHROME-Exhaust Header ExtensionsCHROME-Windshield FrameCHROME-Windshield Supports ***CHROME-Headlights/Directionals/HornsCHROME-GM TILT Steering ColumnCHROME-Lokar Hand BrakeCHROME-Lighted License Plate BracketSTAINLESSSTEEL- Speedway HeadersSTAINLESSSTEEL- Rear Hairpin Radius RodsBRASS-Windshield Support Rods/Side Mirrors/Rad Cap (just added)ALUMINUM-10.4 gal Gas TankALUMINUM-RadiatorALUMINUM-EDELBROCK INTAKE MANIFOLDThanks For Looking

Item Information

Item ID: 228736
Sale price: $ 15000
Car location: Manawa, Wisconsin, United States
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 10.08.2021
Views: 8
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1923 Ford Other New 23 T-Bucket 350cui. Auto Tri-Power Automatic
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