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Selling 1938 Harley-davidson EL Knucklehead 999L EL Vintage Antique Restored Museum-Grade

$ 119995

Engine Size (cc):999
Exterior Color:Venetian Blue
Model:EL Knucklehead
Trim:EL Vintage Antique Restored Museum-Grade
Vehicle Title:Clean
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

1938 Harley-Davidson® Knucklehead® EL Vintage Antique Restored Museum-Grade MINT -WE TRADES! TOP DOLLAR FOR MOTORCYCLES, CARS, TRUCKS, RV'S, BOATS, TRAILERS, ETC - 315 Big Road Zieglerville PA 19492 - NATIONWIDE SHIPPING. [hidden information]
This 1938 EL 61 C.I. was restored several years ago. There was a total of 2,289 built-in 1938.
Highlights Include:
Original Rebuilt Engine/Transmission/Primary Drive
Original Linkert M5 Carburetor
Original Frame
Original Springer Front End
Original Seat Pan
Original Restored Speedometer
Original Handlebars
Original Fenders/Tanks/Oil Tank
Original Matching Cases/Heads/Cylinders (Date Coded)
Original Brake Assemblies
Matching Belly Numbers
Correct Skull Dash w/ Green Generator Lens
Correct 18" Black Wheels
Correct Venetian Blue Paint, with Burnt Orange Hand-Laid Pinstripes
Correct Exhaust
New Coker Tires/Tubes
Recovered Leather Seat
Updated Primary Drive
Updated 12v Conversion
Tail Light, Head Light, Horn were updated to 12v
VIN# 38EL2985
Prior to delivery, the motorcycle will be fully serviced by our master technician. Service will include: fresh fluids, a new battery, carburetor adjustment, and a general mechanical service.
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Full Payment via Bank-to-Bank Wire Transfer, Cashiers Check, Bank Check, Cash in Person, or Loan Check is Due Within 7 Days of Initial Deposit. There is a $149 Documentary Fee that covers Purchase/Shipping Paperwork Costs.
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1938 Harley-Davidson® Knucklehead® EL Vintage Antique Restored Museum-Grade MINT -WE TRADES! TOP DOLLAR FOR MOTORCYCLES, CARS, TRUCKS, RV'S, BOATS, TRAILERS, ETC - 315 Big Road Zieglerville PA 19492 - NATIONWIDE SHIPPING. [hidden information]This 1938 EL 61 C.I. was restored several years ago. There was a total of 2,289 built-in 1938.Highlights Include:Original Rebuilt Engine/Transmission/Primary DriveOriginal Linkert M5 CarburetorOriginal FrameOriginal Springer Front End&


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Item Information

Item ID: 239592
Sale price: $ 119995
Motorcycle location: Zieglerville, Pennsylvania, United States
For sale by: Dealer
Last update: 12.12.2021
Views: 1
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1938 Harley-davidson EL Knucklehead 999L EL Vintage Antique Restored Museum-Grade
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