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1940 Mercury CONVERTIBLE Used Convertible FLAT HEAD V-8L 1940 Mercury Convertible, Hot Rod

$ 150000

Body Type:Convertible
Engine:FLAT HEAD V-8
Exterior Color:Green
Number of Doors:2 Doors
Trim:1940 Mercury Convertible, Hot Rod
Interior Color:Green
Vehicle Title:Clear
Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
Manufacturer Exterior Color:GREEN
Manufacturer Interior Color:GREEN/CREAM
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Seller Description

1940 Mercury Convertible
Vehicle Information
276 cu.
Information about 1940 Mercury CONVERTIBLE for sale on this page. See price and photos of the CONVERTIBLE Mercury Green 1940 Mercury Convertible, Hot Rod FLAT HEAD V-8
in. L-head V-8 engine with Isky cam and Weiand dual carburetors, three-speed manual transmission with Lincoln-Zephyr gears and Columbia 2-speed rear end.• One of the very first California customs • Built in 1940 by Charles Marr and Gerry Huth • Owned for four decades by the well-known Carl Morton • Equipped with all of the best speed equipment and trim of the period • A standout addition to any custom collection Many today think of a California custom as something born out of necessity: a used car that has been carefully rebuilt by skilled amateur artisans into something fast and beautiful. However, Charles Marr bought this 1940 Mercury Convertible new in November 1939, and within two weeks, he and his friend Gerry Huth, of well-known Huth exhaust systems, had chopped the windshield three inches and added a removable Carson padded top. Note the date: the Marr/Huth Mercury is one of the very first California customs, perhaps the first customized 1940 Mercury in the Los Angeles area, and it is one of the few surviving to have intact customs built prior to World War II. The car was acquired in 1962 by Carl Morton, the renowned customizer who had just prior taken over the former Valley Custom Shop of Burbank. Morton recognized the car as one of the first Southern California customs, and he had known both Marr and Huth to be a part of the early kustom kulture. He stored the car for some four decades, and unusual for someone who built custom cars for a living, he appreciated its originality. Thus, not only does this car retain to the present day all of its original customized body panels, including the fenders, doors, hood, and trunk lid, but it also has such prized small trim pieces as the window frames, vent windows, dashboard, and window trim. In 2005, the Mercury was finally sold to its third owner from new, along with a horde of original and new old stock parts that had been accumulated for a long-awaited restoration. That restoration was undertaken to correct standards between 2008 and 2009, with great care taken to use only authentic trim. The car was totally disassembled and stripped, with the bodywork lead-finished, primered with epoxy, and painted with custom Sikkens Autcryl green metallic paint, replicating a hand-rubbed, multi-coat lacquer finish. The original Carson top was recreated by Paul Reichling of Cedardale Upholstery, and the two-tone interior, with its 1940 Buick steering wheel, was restored by Guy’s Interior Restorations of Portland. The car boasts numerous 1940s custom touches, including the 1937 DeSoto “ripple” bumpers, which were so widely used on period street rods that they are almost impossible to still find on a 1937 DeSoto today, as well as 1941 Studebaker taillights, teardrop skirts, and “flipper” hubcaps. Dual Appleton spotlights were a “must-have” back in the day. Under the hood is a correct 1940 flathead V-8 that had been bored and stroked to 276 cubic inches, running a hot Isky three-quarter cam and sporting a Weiand dual-carburetor set-up and modified Lincoln-Zephyr V-12 dual-coil ignition. The engine breathes through dual exhausts and exits in an unusual fashion above the rear bumper. As every hot-rodder worth his salt did, the owner had the transmission fitted with Lincoln-Zephyr gears, which ran to a Zephyr two-speed rear axle. The frame was “C’d” above the rear axle, and a Zephyr hypoid differential moves the car lower without necessitating modifications to the driveshaft tunnel. All of this means that the car will cruise comfortably down the highway at proper modern road speeds, and it will also come nicely to a stop, thanks to Zephyr hydraulic brakes. Since its restoration, the Marr/Huth Mercury has been displayed at the 2009 Sacramento Autorama as part of a special display honoring 70 years of Mercury customs, of which this is arguably the progenitor. All switches and lights work, and it drives beautifully. Its restored condition is still excellent in all regards. This Mercury is work of art and one of the earliest, most important “lead sleds.” It is a must-have for any custom collection.
Options and Standard Features
Basic Information
VIN Number: 99A[hidden information]
Style Name: HOT ROD CUSTOM 2 Dr
Make: Mercury
Model Year: 1940
Vehicle Type: Convertible
Vehicle Trim
Interior Color: GREEN/CREAM
Exterior Color
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276 cu. in. L-head V-8 engine with Isky cam and Weiand dual carburetors, three-speed manual transmission with Lincoln-Zephyr gears and Columbia 2-speed rear end.• One of the very first California customs • Built in 1940 by Charles Marr and Gerry Huth • Owned for four decades by the well-known Carl Morton • 

Item Information

Item ID: 231362
Sale price: $ 150000
Car location: Saint Louis, Missouri, United States
For sale by: Dealer
Last update: 25.08.2021
Views: 14
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1940 Mercury CONVERTIBLE Used Convertible FLAT HEAD V-8L 1940 Mercury Convertible, Hot Rod
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