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Selling 1950 Mercury Other Used Coupe

$ 10599

Number of Cylinders:8
Interior Color:Tan
Exterior Color:Black
Body Type:Coupe
Vehicle Title:Clean
|Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

Up for sale a 1950 mercury 2 door restomod. Camaro clip with power steering and power disc brakes, 4 corner air ride. This is a 90s built street rod that’s been updated with some modern conveniences. Older presentable paint and interior.
Drivetrain:671 miles on a recently completed LS swap (2007 L33 all aluminum 5.3) with terminator x engine management, Eddie motor sports polished billet front pulley system, tanks inc fuel tank with efi pump, cast manifolds with mandrel bent stainless steel exhaust, (lakes pipes are connected) rebuilt 4L60. Dakota digital gauges, brand new diamondback wide whites, caddy caps
Interior:Custom Leather interior with seatbelts, power windows, vintage AC, Dakota digital gauges, ididit polished tilt column with repop mercury steering wheel
I HAVE MORE PHOTOS AND WALK AROUND VIDEOS. Call or text [hidden information] 8AM-8PM CST

Item Information

Item ID: 227514
Sale price: $ 10599
Car location: Maple Plain, Minnesota, United States
Last update: 3.08.2021
Views: 9
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1950 Mercury Other Used Coupe
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