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1954 Cadillac Series 60 Series 60 Special Fleetwood Sedan

$ 5900

:“The correct Arlington Green Metallic paint (code 9) and trim are in overall very good order, the car’s body is straight. The car has reportedly undergone one previous professional repaint in the correct original color and it looks great overall. The engine bay is very tidy, the cargo area is satisfactory and large chrome bumpers are in great shape, especially the famous Dagmar front bumper. Note the pair of air intakes atop the rear fenders. Inside, the car’s front and rear bench seats has been reupholstered in Dark Green Plain Broadcloth with Light Green inserts, as have the inner door panels. There’s a fold-down center armrest in the rear. The green carpet is in satisfactory order, as is the tan headliner, which has the A/C output vents. Back then, cold air draped over the passengers from above versus shooting at them from the dashboard as is common now. The car’s two-spoke and two-toned steering wheel looks good but the horn is inoperable.”

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1954 Cadillac Series 60 Special Fleetwood Sedan
Vehicle Information
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Metallic Green
Four-speed automatic
331 ci V8
1954 Cadillac Series 60 Special Fleetwood Sedan
•One of of only 16,200 Series 60 Special Fleetwood Sedans made in 1954•Nicely loaded Cadillac, including power windows and AC•331 CID OHV V-8 engine breathing via dual exhausts•Hydramatic four-speed automatic transmission and 3.07 gearing•Correct Arlington Green Metallic exterior•Dark green over light green plain broadcloth upholstery•New parts – shocks, sway bar bushings, fuel pump and an electronic distributor that looks original
•Air-conditioning with rear ducts (code K2), power steering, power brakes, power windows, four-way power front seat (code Y), Autronic Eye, E-Z-Eye tinted glass (code E) and heater (code H)•Heavy-duty charging and cooling equipment•133-inch wheelbase
From the heart of the tailfin-era, this Cadillac recalls the early days of rock ?n roll and Elvis Presley. This Series 60 Special Fleetwood Sedan is one of only 16,200 units made in 1954 and this particular example is attractively loaded with options.
This car’s history can reportedly be traced to 1975 and a previous dealer noted that spend a large chunk of its life in the Augusta, Georgia area. The car ended up in a collection in Nevada and was owned for 10 years by a local but he has since died. Fewer than 3,000 miles have been added since 2005.
The correct Arlington Green Metallic paint (code 9) and trim are in overall very good order, the car’s body is straight. The car has reportedly undergone one previous professional repaint in the correct original color and it looks great overall. The engine bay is very tidy, the cargo area is satisfactory and large chrome bumpers are in great shape, especially the famous Dagmar front bumper. Note the pair of air intakes atop the rear fenders. Those are for the air-conditioning unit.
This car has multiple new parts – shock absorbers, sway bar bushings, a fuel pump and an electronic distributor that looks original. Also, when you’re ready to put gas in this Cadillac, you’ll need to flip up the driver’s side taillight to expose the filler cap and neck.
This car rides on Remington Cushion-Aire wide whitewall bias-ply tires, size L78-15 at every corner. Each tire is mounted to a steel wheel and topped with a factory wheel cover. The polished wheel covers look in good condition.
Under the counterbalanced hood is Cadillac’s 331 CID V-8, which Cadillac somehow managed to wring more and more power out of each year since its debut in 1949. Backing this motor is a Hydramatic four-speed automatic transmission with a 3.07:1 rear end.
Information about for sale on this page. See price and photos of the
There’s a long list of driver conveniences – air-conditioning, complete with two, clear tubes that run from the rear package shelf into the headliner (code K2) but is currently inoperable at the dash controls, power steering, power brakes, power windows, four-way power front seat (code Y), Autronic Eye, E-Z-Eye tinted glass (code E) and heater (code H). The Autronic Eye used a light-sensing phototube to detect oncoming light and signal an amplifier to trigger the activation of low beams. As was common for the era, the phototube was encased in a dash-mounted ray gun-like housing with its lens unblinkingly peering out over the road.
Inside, the car’s front and rear bench seats has been reupholstered in Dark Green Plain Broadcloth with Light Green inserts, as have the inner door panels. There’s a fold-down center armrest in the rear. The green carpet is in satisfactory order, as is the tan headliner, which has the A/C output vents. Back then, cold air draped over the passengers from above versus shooting at them from the dashboard as is common now. The car’s two-spoke and two-toned steering wheel looks good but the horn is inoperable. A column-mounted shift lever and a factory AM radio round out the interior. Any gold-toned trim is a carryover from the 1952 models, which celebrated Cadillac’s 50th Anniversary.
All 1954 Cadillacs wore new sheet metal, but unfortunately the Sixty Special still looked too much like its lower-priced sibling, the Series 62. Wheelbase for Sixty Special was back up to 133 inches – where it had been in 1949. Refined power steering, from Saginaw, became standard equipment, along with electric windshield washers. New options included a four-way electrically power bench seat, and power brakes from Bendix. The eight chrome trim louvers moved lower onto the rear doors, back where they were in 1952.
Competition to this Cadillac in 1954 included Chrysler’s Custom Imperial Sedan, DeSoto’s Firedome Sedan, Mercury’s Custom Sedan with Merc-O-Matic, Oldsmobile’s 98 Four-door sedan and Packard’s Patrician Executive Sedan.
If you are a Cadillac collector, a luxury car aficionado or you think owning a big, post-war Cadillac might be fun, stop by MotoeXotica Classic Cars today to check this one out for yourself!
VIN: [hidden information]
This car is currently located at our facility in St. Louis, Missouri. Current mileage on the odometer shows 69,784 miles. It is sold as is, where is, on a clean and clear, mileage exempt Nevada title.

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1954 Cadillac Series 60 Special Fleetwood Sedan•One of of only 16,200 Series 60 Special Fleetwood Sedans made in 1954•Nicely loaded Cadillac, including power windows and AC•331 CID OHV V-8 engine breathing via dual exhausts•Hydramatic four-speed automatic transmission and 3.07 gearing•Correct Arlington Green Metallic exterior•Dark green over light green plain broadcloth upholstery•New parts – shocks, sway bar bushings, fuel pump and an electronic distributor that looks original
•Air-conditioning with rear ducts (code K2), power steering, power brakes, power

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Item ID: 234545
Sale price: $ 5900
Car location: Fenton, Missouri, United States
Last update: 17.09.2021
Views: 13
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1954 Cadillac Series 60 Series 60 Special Fleetwood Sedan
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