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1957 Buick Estate Wagon 1957 Wagon

$ 20300

Seller Description

0 Buick Estate Wagon
[hidden information]
1941 S. 42nd St. Suite 104
Omaha Nebraska 68105
Vehicle Information
364 V8
1957 Buick (Special) Estate Wagon for sale in Fort Collins, CO 80524
This 1957 Buick Estate Wagon only has 88,000 (Unverifiable) miles and is powered by a 364 V8 Gasoline Engine, paired with an Automatic Dynaflow Transmission.
Information about for sale on this page. See price and photos of the
This Buick has a Single Stage Green and Ivory Exterior Paintjob with a Green Interior. This Wagon has been garage kept and non-smoking.
Features:Clean Older RestorationColorado CarFully Original InteriorOriginal 364 EngineOriginal Dynaflow TransmissionPower SteeringRWD
Sellers Note: Runs Well. Manuals Included
For assistance with Financing, Transportation, or Inspections please phone Customer Support at:[hidden information]ATTENTION BUYERS *Caveat Emptor* Please Remember to Inspect Vehicle Prior To Purchase!
Options and Standard Features
Basic Information
Stock Number: 77762
Model Year: 1957
Make: Buick
Model: Estate Wagon
Exterior Color: Green/Ivory
Interior Color: Green
Vehicle Type: Wagon
Body Type: Steel
Fuel Type: Gasoline
Engine Description: 364 V8
Drive Train Type: RWD
Transmission: Dynaflow
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Vehicle Selling Solutions FSBO Vehicles
1941 S. 42nd St.
Suite 104
Omaha Nebraska 68105
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Primary Phone:[hidden information]
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1957 Buick (Special) Estate Wagon for sale in Fort Collins, CO 80524This 1957 Buick Estate Wagon only has 88,000 (Unverifiable) miles and is powered by a 364 V8 Gasoline Engine, paired with an Automatic Dynaflow Transmission. This Buick has a Single Stage Green and Ivory Exterior Paintjob with a Green Interior. This Wagon has been garage kept and non-smoking.Features:Clean Older RestorationColorado CarFully Original InteriorOriginal 364 EngineOriginal Dynaflow TransmissionPower SteeringRWD

Item Information

Item ID: 234498
Sale price: $ 20300
Car location: Fort Collins, Colorado, United States
Last update: 16.09.2021
Views: 8
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1957 Buick Estate Wagon 1957 Wagon
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