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Selling 1962 Lambretta 125 LI Series III “Sleeper” in Iseo Blue

$ 0

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Seller Description

1962 Lambretta 125 LI Series III “Sleeper” in Iseo Blue
I built this to be ridden anywhere with total reliability. To
achieve this, it has had some discrete modern upgrades to include: Pro MRB Race-Tour Head and Barrel, Varitronic electronic
ignition, front dampers, 12v ac lights and a new Dellorto Carburettor.
This is a Genuine Italian Lambretta which when I acquired it
had been unused for many years, I stripped the entire scooter to bare metal and
etch primed it before entrusting the paint job to a professional. He questioned
why I didn’t want him filling the dents and scars the scooter had picked up
over 56 years, but I wanted it to be honest and wear them with pride. I specified
solvent two pack paint as I feel it is more durable than modern water-based
paints and I wanted to ride not polish. The build up took about 18 months
including engine work and it can truly be described as a total nut and bolt
restoration. I used where possible stainless-steel fasteners and components,
again for reliability and corrosion resistance. The engine has been built for both high-power
and high-torque and gives the scooter a fantastic turn of speed, it is more
than capable of mixing it in modern traffic. I am an expert two
stroke engine builder with over 35 years experience building enduro engines and although the Lambretta engine is far less complex it received the
same respect and attention to detail I give all my rebuilds. I used the excellent “The Complete
Spanner’s Manual” with close attention to the advanced engine building section
to guide me through the rebuild. I have run it on Silkolene Comp 2 Plus at 50:1
since and stripped the top end at 200 miles to ensure everything was bedded in
correctly. I set the carburettor jetting through experience and a few plug chops but
to make sure it was safe took it to Chalky at Replay for a run up on his "Dyno" (again to build in reliability). It was spot on and the Scooter makes 12 hp at the back wheel (I estimate 16
at the flywheel allowing for losses through the transmission). The engine is strong with a feel like the classic Yamaha DT 175 MX.
Why am I selling? Not using it enough and it deserves to be used
Why do I want so much money? Because it is better than new and they don't make them anymore
Any Questions please email me or telephone 07724 151 266
Payment: Bank Transfer, Cleared Cheque or Cash on Collection if
you are happy to go with me to deposit it in the Building Society before you take the Scoot?
No PayPal under any circumstances
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Item Information

Item ID: 226465
Sale price: $ 0
Motorcycle location: Northampton, United Kingdom
Last update: 28.07.2021
Views: 7
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1962 Lambretta 125 LI Series III “Sleeper” in Iseo Blue
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