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Selling 1967 mustang 351 Windsor V4 C4 9inch/Disc

$ 22977

Seller notes:“4 Year Restoration”
Type of Title:clear
Body Type:Coupe
For Sale by:Private Seller

Seller Description

Up for Sale is our 4 year restoration on a 1967 Mustang.Black with Red Candy Stripes , the motor and running gear was completely removed for a matching engine bay respray.New front guards.New doors and hangers.New Shelby Hood. [sparer new steel hood painted in exactly the same paint scheme]New Ford 'Racing front' and lower scoop.Billet upper and lower Grills.
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Shelby side scoops.Front suspension is Scott Drake with 600 Pound springs and sway bar.Discs are cross drilled wilwood.Tuf Stuf 9 inch dual Diaphragm Booster and master cylinder.351 Windsor .TRW pistons 12/1.Quick fuel 850 DP.Genuine Shelby GT350 polished intake manifold.Com Cams Solid Roller cam , lifters and push Rods.Comp Cams Double Row Roller Cam Chain.Complete MSD ignition system.SVO CNC machined 227CC heads , Comp Cams & Manley Valve Train .Howards Roller Rockers.Hooker Nickel plated short headers.Mandrel bend 2.5 Exhaust with flow master mufflers and cross over.C4 Manual shift with 3000 Dominator High Stall.Trans Cooler with thermo Fan.Currie 9 Inch Rear end 31 spline 3.25 LSD Posi Traction, Disc Brakes, Coni Coil Overs, 4 link suspension.AeroFlo Fuel tank .Shelby side fuel filler.Holley electric fuel pump.Special ordered USA Racing wheels 295 x 15 rear , 235 x 15 Front.Custom made trim.Phantom Autometer gauges.The list goes on and on.All Engineered with Modification Plate .6 months RegistrationThanks' for looking
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Item Information

Item ID: 246585
Sale price: $ 22977
Car location: QLD, Australia
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 1.01.2022
Views: 0
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1967 mustang 351 Windsor V4 C4 9inch/Disc
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