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Selling 1967 Mustang GT

$ 185000

Item status:In archive

Seller Description

1967 Ford Mustang GT 2-Door Hatchback Exterior Color: Black Interior Color: Black Stock Number: B11250 Mileage: Exempt Engine: 5.0 Fuel: Flex-fuel Transmission: Automatic Title: Clear VIN: 7R02C[hidden information] Vehicle Features & Options Vehicle Description
1967 Custom Eleanor
As pictures will try to capture this car boasts straight-as-an arrow panels, SMOOTH contours and CRISP lines! Panel gaps line up NICE and the black paint laid out over this laser straight body is SHOW quality! This fastbacks vibrant, rich Black is incredible at any angle you want to take it in! The clear that was laid out adds a TON of depth and the reflection is mirror quality in this 67. This meticulous nut and bolt rotisserie restoration is exactly what everybody wishes their pro touring restoration would look like!
In addition to being 5.0 powered with all modern gauges, custom 4 link, heidts front clip, Fully adjustable coilovers in all 4 corners...the pans are all solid as pictures will show! The frame has been media blasted, and powder coated. This car represents a TRUE rotisserie with NO expense spared in ANY way! The fit and finish on this vehicle is second to none and there are not enough adjectives in the English dictionary to fully describe this car!WELL OVER $180k was invested into thisbuild.
Interior is show quality,boasting a set of hand-worked TMI seats. Carpet is ALL new and free of stains. Digital LSC display Gauges are ALL clear and easy to read.The dash pad is CUSTOM,perfect and the door panels have been reworked TMI style as well! Everything in this interior is perfect - right down to the Alpine head unit and customsystem! Snake skin has been added TASTEFULLY and complementing EVERYTHING new or updated! Led lights run in all the places of a modern mustang as well.
Inside and out this car is a show stopper!
As you pop the hood, you immediately notice that between the fenders rests a 5.0 form a 2015 Mustang GT, it was done right and looks right at home. No hot cam... no crazy tune, just reliable power! This engineis paired to its original (From the 15 mustang) transmissionthat shifts smooth as butter!To say this car is a great performer, may be an under statement.This car starts with the turn of a key - first time every time. It runs extremely well and drives like NO OTHER! The custom exhaust has an incredible note that is VERY unique.It sounds GREATat idle and only gets better as you get into the gas.This 67 is equipped to stop with a set of Wilwood disc brakes in all 4 corners (6 piston front and 4 in rear). Please look at the undercarriage pictures... It is incredible and once again..
See also: 2020 Indian SCOUT BOBBER W/ABS great offer is available now.
This 67 is looking for a new owner who wants to outshine the rest, but serious offers only, please.
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Item Information

Item ID: 239579
Sale price: $ 185000
Car location: Bismarck, North Dakota, United States
Last update: 12.12.2021
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1967 Mustang GT
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