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1968 Chevrolet Camaro Used 4 speed 2 door coupe

$ 72500

Number of Cylinders:8
Interior Color:red factory red
Transmission:4 speed
Exterior Color:Red factory red
Vehicle Title:Clean
Body Type:2 door coupe
:“This is a complete rotisserie restore with 90% original restored parts with a verified title. Car is super clean and the paint job is beautiful with 2 tiny marks.”
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Seller Description

This is a complete factory restored car but restored better than factory. This car has a 9+ of 10 paint job, there are two little flaws in the trunk jam and this car is straight, with a 9+ of 10 interior job. Engine compartment is 9+ of 10, underside is a 9+ of 10. and as I said this car is in mint plus condition. I would rate this car as a 10 if I owned it but there are old very small little flaws here and there that were from the factory. This car was sold at the MECUM Auction on May 15 2012 and the new owner redid everything on the car cause he wanted it matching numbers and perfect.
This car was purchased new in the summer of 1968 from Jerry's Chevrolet in Baltimore, MD, this slick-looking 1968 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 is one of 7,199 produced. The matching numbers drivetrain, which comprises the legendary 302/290 HP engine, 4 speed manual transmission and 3.73 Posi traction rear end, is but one great feature of this excellent restoration finished in matador red and rare matching red interior. Sport stripes, Rally wheels and those famous Z28 badges leave no doubt as to the nature of this great first gen Z.
Here are the specs on the car. I have over 150 pics of this car
Trim Tag
68-12437 NOR [hidden information]
TRM 724 RR Pnt
Engine Block
Casting number [hidden information]
Casting date Code F 16 8
Engine Pad 18N[hidden information] V06I9MO
Casting numbers [hidden information]
18N[hidden information]
Date Code P8K09
Tail Shaft [hidden information]
Rear End
BU 0618G1 E (3:74 Posi)
Carburetor Period Correct Dual Feed 800cfm spent $4000 for this to be right year and date
Intake Manifolds correct
Right side #[hidden information]
Left side #[hidden information]
Alternator is correct 37 Amp #[hidden information]
Correct two-groove deep pulley
(found on Z28 only)
Distributor correct #[hidden information]
Radiator is the correct three core with correct no provision for auto trans
Correct ignition timing decal mounted on top of the radiator core
Thermostat Housing is correct and part # [hidden information]
Throttle Rod Correct two piece
Water Pump is correct with pipe plug hole to accommodate the bypass hose with correct water pump bypass hose/elbow
Power Brake booster hose bracket # [hidden information]
The temp sending unit is correct, correct oil cap with a flat top and center rivet with an "S" stamped on it, correct chrome oil filler tube, correct PCV valve mounted on driver side valve cover, Correct 8" harmonic balancer, correct engine double hump heads and correct factory engine chrome valve covers, air cleaner top and oil filler tube and cap.
Bumpers are original with excellent chrome
Emblems are correct
Wheels are original date coded version 4 DF wheels with correct Goodyear wide tread GT E70 15s
New OEM GM rear quarters professionally installed they are period correct and done right
Has correct original rear bumper guards
Original stock flat hood all 68 Z28s had a stock flat hood
Has the D80 rear spoilers with correctly painted wide stereo stripes painted around the Camaro trunk emblem and correctly not painted on the trunk lip
Glass is date coded and in awesome condition
Interior is restored with mostly original parts
Original steering wheel very rare
Original two piece black shifter knob
Original tire pressure sticker on backside of glove box door
Gauges are original except for the oil pressure gauge that was added in late 70sOriginal radio that works
Horn works and if the key is left in ignition the buzzer works
All interior and exterior lights work
Seats were fully restored with new cushions and seat covers and door panels were replaced along with new carpet
Dash is stock and perfect
Undercarriage is clean and period correct with deep tone exhaust consisting of 2 ¼ pipe
Leaf springs are correct
Front springs are EE coil springs
Underneath was fully restored with all new bushings, all new front end parts, lines and fittings
Partial floor pans were put in at some point and are period correct and done right
Car rides, drives and handles great, It sounds great and idles perfect. You could get in this car and drive it anywhere with zero issues, this car is tuned perfect, shifts excellent and clutch feels just right.
Complete service and tune up done, Brakes completely serviced including new correct 4 piston calipers and pads on the front.
Everything on the Z/28 is as it should be and has completely been gone over
This was a complete frame off restoration on a rotisserie and everything was replaced back to factory specs if touched. This is as close to a factory 68 Z28 that you are going to find left out there running around on the streets with super low miles.
See videos here
1968 Matching Number Z28 Camaro 1 - YouTube
1968 Matching number Z28 Camaro 2 - YouTube
1968 Camaro Z28 Camaro For Sale 3 - YouTube
This thing is in mint condition, and everything is like new. These are going for well over $90,000 right now in this condition if you can even find one this nice.Please only serious inquires, we do not need help selling it, we do not need to sell it and we are in no hurry to sell it. It is not being used right now so its ready to go to a good home, kept on maintanence charger for battery so its like new. All service done regularly and needs nothing.Buyer will pay all shipping charges, or we will help with transport on your dime. We can ship anywhere in the world. Buyer has 7 days to get us certified funds or funds be cleared in 10 days.
Information about 1968 Chevrolet Camaro for sale on this page. See price and photos of the Camaro Chevrolet Red factory red

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Item Information

Item ID: 233226
Sale price: $ 72500
Car location: Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Last update: 5.09.2021
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1968 Chevrolet Camaro Used 4 speed 2 door coupe
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