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1968 Ford Mustang Used Top Loader 4 Speed Convertible

$ 24500

Number of Cylinders:8
Interior Color:Black
Transmission:Top Loader 4 Speed
Exterior Color:Red
Vehicle Title:Clean
Body Type:Convertible
:“This is a super solid nearly rust free California 1968 Ford Mustang J code ( 302 4 Barrel Premium Fuel ) convertible that was born with a 3 speed manual transmission but now retains a top loader 4 speed transmission with a Hurst shifter!”
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Seller Description

This is a super solid nearly rust free California 1968 Ford Mustang J code ( 302 4 Barrel Premium Fuel ) convertible that was born with a 3 speed manual transmission but now retains a top loader 4 speed transmission with a Hurst shifter!
This was originally Highland Green which is the Bullet color but it has since been painted Red.
This car runs and drives but has NO BRAKES.
Information about 1968 Ford Mustang for sale on this page. See price and photos of the Mustang Ford Red
It does have power steering and disc brakes and is a factory air conditioned option car but it is missing the heater box and under hood a/c components.
The only rust I have found is in the corners of both rear floor boards about 4 inches square.
The car has aftermarket 4 barrel aluminum intake and Carter AFB 4 barrel carb as well as Aluminum valve covers and air cleaner. It has a nice sounding dual exhaust on it.
The power convertible top and glass rear window need replacing and the car needs a light restoration but is a really solid Mustang convertible!
I have a clear California title for this car.
This isn't like other 68 Mustang Convertibles as it's a RARE J code 302 4 barrel premium fuel car that survived and wasn't wrecked!
I'm asking $24,500 but will listen to reasonable offers but no LOW BALL INSULTS will be responded too.
VEHICLE TO BE PAID IN FULL WITHIN 4 DAYS OF AUCTIONS END VIA WIRE TRANSFER OR CASH IN PERSON! If you can't pay for the vehicle within 4 days of auctions end please don't buy it.
Please call or text [hidden information] if need more info.
Buyer is responsiblefor all shipping arrangements. Car is located in Las Vegas Nevada zip 89129

Item Information

Item ID: 233406
Sale price: $ 24500
Car location: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 7.09.2021
Views: 1
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1968 Ford Mustang Used Top Loader 4 Speed Convertible
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