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Selling 1969 Pontiac Bonneville 428 Cu In V8, Auto, Power Top, Air Conditioning!

$ 8099

Seller Description

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[hidden information]
1751 Gulf to Bay Blvd
Clearwater Florida 33755
1969 Pontiac Bonneville
PJ's Auto World is pleased to offer this 1969 Pontiac Bonneville Convertible for Sale. Stunning in appearance and powered by a 428 Cu In V8 mated to an automatic transmission making it quite responsive for a Full Size Convertible. Equipped with power steering, power disc brakes and factory air conditioning. Finished in a bold red with white accent pin striping and a contrasting white power top makes the car appealing to the eye whether the top is up or down. The interior is finished in white with a tilt steering column, power windows, AM radio and auxiliary gauges. Color keyed skirts equally add to the car's great looks. A comfortable Cruiser with room for six friends or family members! The car rolls on a set of PMD Wheels carrying BF Goodrich raised white letter radials in 235/70R 15. Go ahead, drop the top, and get ready for FUN! You deserve it! Financing options available, and worldwide shipping can easily be arranged.
Vehicle Information
[hidden information]P[hidden information]
428 V8
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P.J.s Auto World, Inc. has been in the collector car industry for more than 31 years and we have a great reputation.
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Options and Standard Features
Basic Information
Stock Number: 13514
VIN Number: [hidden information]P[hidden information]
Make: Pontiac
Model: Bonneville
Model Year: 1969
Vehicle Trim: Convertible
Interior Color: White
Exterior Color: Red
Body Type: Convertible
Engine Description: 428 V8
Transmission: Automatic
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PJ’s Auto World
1751 Gulf to Bay Blvd
Clearwater Florida 33755
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PJ's Auto World is pleased to offer this 1969 Pontiac Bonneville Convertible for Sale. Stunning in appearance and powered by a 428 Cu In V8 mated to an automatic transmission making it quite responsive for a Full Size Convertible. Equipped with power steering, power disc brakes and factory air conditioning. Finished in a bold red with white accent pin striping and a contrasting white power top makes the car appealing to the eye whether the top is up or down. The interior is finished in white with a tilt steering column, power windows, AM radio and auxiliary gauges. Color keyed skirts equally add to the car's great looks. A comfortable Cruiser with room for six friends or family members! The car rolls on a set of PMD Wheels carrying BF Goodrich raised white letter radials in 235/70R


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Item Information

Item ID: 246584
Sale price: $ 8099
Car location: Clearwater, Florida, United States
Last update: 1.01.2022
Views: 1
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1969 Pontiac Bonneville 428 Cu In V8, Auto, Power Top, Air Conditioning!
Current customer rating: 4 out of 5 based on 5942 votes

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