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1970 Harley-davidson Iron XR750 Used 750L

$ 25000

Model:Iron XR750
Engine Size (cc):750
Exterior Color:Red, White & Blue
Vehicle Title:Clean
Type:Street-Tracker Special
Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
:“Formerly owned by moto-journalist Allan Girdler, ex-Jay Springsteen frame.”
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Seller Description

From the estate of longtime moto-journalist & book author Allan GirdlerOne of the earliest street-trackers and certainly the most famous, this Harley special was owned by the late Allan Girdler, editor of Cycle World magazine from 1977-84, author of numerous books on Harley-Davidson and an enthusiastic amateur flat-track racer until just a few months before his death earlier this year at age 83. Base for the bike is a 1972 frame, used on the XR750 that took Jay Springsteen to his first AMA national victory for the Vista-Sheen race team in 1975. It had been modified for "Springer" by talented fabricator Jack Klingsmith, who re-angled the steering head, stretched the backbone and lowered the engine cradle.Girdler acquired the empty frame in 1981, into which he installed the lower end from a 1970 Ironhead XR750. A combination of Sportster and XR components transformed the race motor into a street engine, with the bark knocked off the XLR exhaust pipes via VW muffler tips welded inside the open tubes. Helping Girdler with the chassis build were none other than Steve Storz, then one of the top West Coast Harley race tuners, and land-speed legend Don Vesco, equally at home with a welding torch as he was at setting world records. Springsteen and super-tuners Tex Peel and Bill Warner also provided advice and inspiration.
Information about 1970 Harley-davidson Iron XR750 for sale on this page. See price and photos of the Iron XR750 Harley-davidson Red, White & Blue
Ceriani forks, Grimeca brake calipers, Barnes front rotors and alloy rims were typical flat-track fare, likewise the fiberglass gas tank and solo tail section, and the spring-mounted aluminum oil tank.Finished in traditional HD orange-and-black, the finished street bike actually made its way back to the track, with Girdler lapping at the Daytona and Laguna Seca road courses, the Indy mile and the Sturgis TT. Mainly, though, courtesy of the CHP-approved "blue tag" on its frame, the XR750 was used for SoCal street rides, and was featured in the November, 1983 issue of Cycle World. Some years later, after Girdler had left CW and was well into his book-writing career, he planned a French riding vacation, and of course Allan shipped over his beloved XR for the jaunt, only difference being a blatantly patriotic paint scheme laid on by Dawne Holmes, noted airbrush artist. It's the same design the bike wears today, though the front of the tank now shows some bubbles and has been touched-up.Over 2[hidden information] the XR750's tired engine was fully overhauled by friend and Harley guru Bruce Fischer, plus the frame was realigned, bead-blasted and powdercoated. Back together -- now with "Stars & Stripes" as a nickname -- the XR was once again the subject of a Cycle World feature story.Mileage listed as 30,000 is an estimate as the bare-bones bike is not equipped with a speedometer. Girdler's nylon headlight bag, which contains a small toolkit and his registration papers, is included in the sale.The Girdler Iron XR750 street-trackerhas a clear California title, is located in Orange County, and is available for inspection by appointment. Note to overseas buyers: We offer free delivery to the shippers of your choice in or near the Port of Los Angeles/Long Beach.

Item Information

Item ID: 232483
Sale price: $ 25000
Motorcycle location: Aliso Viejo, California, United States
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 1.09.2021
Views: 1
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1970 Harley-davidson Iron XR750 Used 750L
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