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Selling 1970 Plymouth Duster 360-V8L 360ci V8 3,292 Miles Rebuilt Automatic Gasoline Sedan

$ 14200

Interior Color:Black
Exterior Color:Blue
Trim:360ci V8 3,292 Miles Rebuilt
Vehicle Title:Clean
Number of Cylinders:8
Manufacturer Exterior Color:Blue
Manufacturer Interior Color:Black
Number of Doors:2 Doors
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Drive Type:RWD
Body Type:Sedan
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

1970 Plymouth Duster
[hidden information]
1941 S. 42nd St. • Suite 104
Omaha Nebraska 68105

Vehicle Information
[hidden information]
3-Speed Automatic
1970 Plymouth Duster for sale in Savannah, GA 31419
This 1970 Plymouth Duster is powered by a 360ci V8 Gasoline Engine, paired with a 3-Speed Transmission. This Duster has a Custom Blue and Flame Side Stripe Exterior with a Black Interior. This Sedan has been garage kept and non-smoking.
The following video has been provided for your convenience:
Features:3.73:1 Rear End Gear RatioCrane CamHooker Exhaust HeadersEdelbrock Carburetor and IntakeMSD IgnitionFront Disc BrakesRear Drum BrakesAmerican Racing Alloy WheelsHood ScoopFront Bucket SeatsCenter Console w/ Floor ShifterAdditional TachometerLike New GaugesCassette Tape PlayerTrunk Mounted Battery
For assistance with Financing, Transportation, or Inspections please phone Customer Support at:[hidden information]ATTENTION BUYERS *Caveat Emptor* Please Remember to Inspect Vehicle Prior To Purchase!
Options and Standard Features
Basic Information
Stock Number: [hidden information]
Model Year: 1970
Make: Plymouth
Model: Duster
Exterior Color: Blue
Interior Color: Black
Vehicle Type: Sedan
Body Type: 2-Door Sedan
Fuel Type: Gasoline
Engine Description: 360-V8
Drive Train Type: RWD
Transmission: 3-Speed Automatic
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Vehicle Selling Solutions FSBO Vehicles
1941 S. 42nd St.
Suite 104
Omaha Nebraska 68105
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Primary Phone:[hidden information]

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1970 Plymouth Duster for sale in Savannah, GA 31419
This 1970 Plymouth Duster is powered by a 360ci V8 Gasoline Engine, paired with a 3-Speed Transmission. This Duster has a Custom Blue and Flame Side Stripe Exterior with a Black Interior. This Sedan has been garage kept and non-smoking.
The following video has been provided for your convenience:
3.73:1 Rear End Gear Ratio
Crane Cam
Hooker Exhaust Headers
Edelbrock Carburetor and Intake
MSD Ignition
Front Disc
Here you can get information about 1970 Plymouth Duster on this page. See price, photos and seller description of the Duster Plymouth Blue 360ci V8 3,292 Miles Rebuilt 360-V8.
The color of the vehicle is Blue. And the engine is: 360-V8. Year of made is: 1970


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Item Information

Item ID: 242409
Sale price: $ 14200
Car location: Savannah, Georgia, United States
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 15.12.2021
Views: 0
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1970 Plymouth Duster 360-V8L 360ci V8 3,292 Miles Rebuilt Automatic Gasoline Sedan
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