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1975 Norton Commando Used 850L

$ 29999

Exterior Color:Black
Engine Size (cc):850
Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
Vehicle Title:Clear
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Seller Description

Being an online retail store, we have the opportunity to allow payments from Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and PayPal.WE SELL WORLDWIDEWe regularly ship overseas and we arrange all scheduling.We accept bank transfers from all over the world._ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _Zap Leather and Cycle 920 W. Main St. Paynesville, MN 56362phone [hidden information] Mon-Sat 9am-8pm, Sun 11am-6pmFor nearly twenty years, our shop has been restoring and repairing nearly all brandsof motorcycles,including Ariel, BMW, BSA, Harley Davidson, Indian Scout & Warrior, Indian Brave, Indian Enfield, Norton, Royal Enfield, Triumph, to name a few.1975 Norton Commando Roadster Mk3 Electric Start.No Expense Spared, Fully Restored,Highly Modified, Much Improved Vintage Classic.This bike shifts on the LEFT SIDE and the rear brake lever is on the RIGHT SIDE.THIS BIKE HAS ELECTRIC START.Complete Frame-off Restoration by Zap Cycle, using every modern upgrade.Looks very original, very vintage, but is loaded with modern upgrades.Note: When I mention 'genuine Norton' parts, I am referring to brand new parts made today by Andover Norton International Ltd. According to their website: "Andover Norton was established by Norton Villiers to continue the manufacture and distribution of Genuine Norton Spare Parts when Norton Motors Ltd was liquidated in 1977. Andover Norton has the original tooling and the original drawings and is continuously getting parts made to original or, where advisable, improved specification by our specialist suppliers- foundries, forges and machine shops most of which are based in the Midlands."FRAME-OFF RESTORATIONFrame stamped 850-F[hidden information]Title lists the VIN as 850F[hidden information]Frame VIN Tag stamped [hidden information]Engine number stamped 850-[hidden information]Gearbox number stamped [hidden information]Clean title in my name.
ENGINEWe've cleaned up the head-work, polished the ports, matched the intakes.Head surface has been milled for assured gasket sealing.New connecting rod big-end bearings.New Superblend main crankshaft bearings.Kibblewhite valve guides.Black Diamond stainless steel valves.New Powermax pistons & rings (.040).Lightened and polished rockers to give quicker acceleration, and better throttle response.High performance Kibblewhite valve springs.Cylinder deck has been milled for assured gasket sealing surface.Cylinder deck has been trued for superior piston/rod alignment.New genuine Norton 1S cam.New genuine Norton camshaft chain.New genuine Norton camchain tensioner.New genuine Norton camshaft bushings.Reground lifters.Positive crankcase ventilation valve.Genuine Norton adjustable Vernier isolastics (all isolastic parts are new genuine Norton).Dave Taylor head steady, which is the ultimate way of locking the engine/ transmission unit in alignment with the rear wheel. The engine can move fore and aft, but not side to side, so handling is much improved and more predictable.New pressure relief valve, upgraded to 60psi.Genuine Norton alloy pushrods have been polished.
Information about 1975 Norton Commando for sale on this page. See price and photos of the Commando Norton Black
New genuine Norton oil pump.New oil lines, with an in-line anti-sumping valve.Braided stainless steel rocker oil lines, for better reliability over OEM nylon lines.Upgraded tachometer drive housing, preventing leaks at the cable hook-up.New genuine Norton sump filter body.New headers with new improved (RGM) exhaust nuts. RGM tightening wrench included.Early Commando-style peashooter mufflers, by popular demand.New muffler mounting rubbers, and new stainless steel muffler brackets.All drain plugs and inspection plugs are new genuine Norton.GEARBOX AND CLUTCHTransmission has been completely and thoroughly overhauled.Every part showing even minor wear has been replaced with new genuine Norton parts.All bearings, bushings, and springs have been replacedwith new genuine Norton parts.The kickstart lever assembly isnew genuine Norton.Upgraded electric starter system, using a high output 4-brush starter motor.Upgraded 18-cam sprag gear in lieu of out-dated 14-cam sprag gear.New genuine Norton crankshaft sprocket/outer sprag race (engine sprocket 06-4681) carries the new genuine Renold primary chain, as OEM.New genuine Norton starter shaft main gear/internal sprag race (06-4731) and genuine Norton needle bearing (06-4711).New genuine Norton idler gears and new genuine Norton starter shaft gear (06-4707).New solenoid, and heavy duty starter wires.New genuine Norton primary chain adjuster body assembly (06-4718) and new genuine Norton plunger assemblies (06-5341). It's imperative to replace these parts, as the tensioner body eventually becomes twisted out-of-square. When this happens, the plungers are forced outward, and cannot retract into the body, which results in exerting so much pressure against the primary chain as to stall the engine.All clutch parts are new, including agenuine Norton clutch center (06-3979), a new upgraded diaphragm spring (06-0770), a new spring circlip (06-0751), Barnett fiber and steel clutch plates, genuine Norton clutch basket bearing (06-0750), and newadjuster screw and nut.The clutch has been upgraded withourwell-known ZM EZ-Pull clutch modification, which includesa needle roller clutch pushrod system and modified clutch activating parts -- All of which results inmuch less clutch drag, and a much lighter lever pull. Imagine a Norton with a very strong clutch, but a two-finger clutch-pull.New genuine Norton clutch lever.New Venhill easy-pull clutch cable.CHARGING SYSTEM AND ELECTRICAL SYSTEMPazon electronic ignition, which fires on only 10.8 volts. (Boyer requires 12.5 volts)High output alternator stator and new rotor.Tympanium solid-state regulator/rectifier.High tech warning light informs you if your battery is low, and warns you if your charging system is charging inadequately.Newgenuine Norton wiring harness.Maintenance-free glass-mat sealed battery, with high cold-cranking-amp capacity.New ignition switch, two keys.CARBURETORSNew upgraded Amal Premier carburetors, which look identical to OEM.These new carburetors are designed with forged, hard-anodized slides for longevity and non-stick.Another improvement of the Premier carbs is a 'stay-up' float made from a military grade material that will not allow the float to sink for any reason.This float is adjustable, which aids in tuning. (The OEM float was not adjustable)A Viton float needle is a great improvement over the OEM version.The carb uses a removable pilot jet for better fine-tuning. (The OEM Amal's pilot jet is not removable)K & N high-flow washable reusable air cleaner. Note: The OEM airbox was detrimental to engine life. They leaked air terribly, and the foam air cleaner element did not adequately filter the air.New genuine Norton throttle assembly.New genuine Norton throttle cables.FRAME AND CHASSISThe frame and all black parts are powder-coated.Every nut and bolt is brand new -- stainless steel where practical and available. Note: we don't use stainless steel hardware in engine cases for this reason: Standard steel flexes with the vibration of the engine, where stainless steel is less flexible and has been known to strip out the threads of alloy engine blocks.New handle bars, Semi-Western type as were installed on USA bikes.New handle bar switches.New stainless steel front fender (genuine Norton).New stainless steel rear fender(genuine Norton).New steel side covers(genuine Norton), freshly painted, omitting the Electric Start decal by popular demand.The decals are modern vinyl, and the pin-striping is done by hand, with a clear coat final finish.New and correct genuine Norton Mk3 mirrors.New genuine Norton swingarm bushings.Good side stand with new genuine Norton bushings and return spring.Good centerstand with new genuine Norton bushings and return spring.New genuine Norton footpeg brackets.New hingedgenuine Nortonseat with seat lock, two keys.New polished alloy genuine Norton seat knobs.New chrome grab rail, as was OEM. (We can install stainless steel, if desired.)WHEELS and TIRESBoth hubshave been polished to a chrome-like finish.We've rebuilt the wheels with Devon chrome rims, as was OEM, using Buchanan polished stainless steel spokes, and Buchanan stainless steel nipples.Tires are English-made Avon Roadrunners in the same size and tread pattern as were OEM.New wheel bearings.New rear wheel hub drive cushion rubbers.FINAL DRIVEWe've chosen the 21 tooth countershaft sprocket for comfortable revs at highway speeds.New high performance RK drive chain.New stainless steel chain guard(genuine Norton).New chain adjusters(genuine Norton).FRONT-END AND FRONT SUSPENSIONUpgraded Timpken steering bearings.Overhauled front forks, new stanchion tubes, new internal bushings, improved Progressive brand fork springs.New genuine Norton fork lock, two keys.REAR SUSPENSIONNew Progressive brand shocks, 13 inches eye-to-eye, as OEM.GAS TANKGas tank is new, steel, as OEM, freshly painted correctly, hand-painted pin-striping, with a clear coat final finish.New petcocks, reserve on the left.High performance Motion Pro gas line.FRONT BRAKESNew genuine Norton brake caliper, with stainless steel caliper pistons.New upgradedgenuine Nortonmaster cylinder manufactured with a 13mm bore, which increases the hydraulic pressure at the caliper.New genuine Norton brake lever.Newgenuine Nortonbrake lines.New genuine Ferodo brake pads.Newgenuine Nortonbrake fluid reservoir cap.REAR BRAKESNew genuine Norton brake caliper, with stainless steel caliper pistons.New upgradedgenuine Nortonmaster cylinder, which has a stainless steel barrel.Newgenuine Nortonbrake line.New genuine Norton brake lever.New genuine Norton brake lever return spring.New brake fluid reservoir cap.OVERALL BRAKE SYNOPSISOur brake upgrades tremendously improve stopping power over the OEM set-up.INSTRUMENTSGenuine OEM Norton Smiths speedometer, odometer at zero, overhauled by Nisonger Instrument in Mamaroneck, NY.New Venhill speedometer cable.New genuine Norton speedometer drive unit (06-5540).Genuine OEM Norton Smiths tachometer, overhauled by Nisonger Instrument.New Venhill tachometer cable.LED instrument lights.Note: We always use totally overhauled and reburbished Smiths instruments on our restorations. Veglia instruments were also OEM on some Nortons, but these were troublesome and non-repairable.OTHER LIGHTINGLED taillights.New genuine Lucas OEM signals.ENGINE BREAK-INAfter adequate break-in, the engine oil has been changed, the head has beenre-torqued, and the valves have been readjusted, and an overhauled zero-mileage speedometer is installed.GASOLINERuns strong on pump gas, although we always recommend non-ethanol (no alcohol).#1 choice: non-ethanol#2 choice: 87-91 octane ethanol, adding Star-Tron gas treatment.High octane is not necessary for this engine, but if you choose to use high octane gas, make sure to check if the gas is high octane ethanol. (Much of the high octane has alcohol added.)Alcohol is hygroscopic, which means alcohol molecules attach themselves to water molecules. Ethanol contains alcohol, the alcohol will attract moisture from the air, the moisture will condense, and the condensed water will wreak havoc with your gas tank and carburetors.Adding Star-Tron to ethanol will negate the damaging effects of ethanol.Fresh gas is important, as there will be less likelihood of water in the gas.OTHER DETAILSThe primary outer cover, timing outer cover, gearbox outer cover, inspection covers, and footpeg support plates (Zee-plates) are new genuine Norton parts that we have polished to a chrome-like finish.The primary inner cover and other small alloy partshave been polished to a near-chrome-like finish as well.OVERALL SYNOPSISWe have built this Norton with modern upgrades, while keeping the appearance of the bike very original. Overall improvements over stock result in quicker acceleration, and a smoother running engine. This is vertually a brand new 1975 Norton, built much better than it was in 1975.
Watch a cold engine start on y0u tube named "Zap Cycle 1975 Norton Commando Mk3 [hidden information] Restoration"
***************************************************************************************************************************************We've been restoring Nortons for nearly 20 years. Please compare our build-quality and prices to Colorado Norton Works.
************************Feel free to call me personally for more details.Feel free to ask for more photos or info. Call Store/Shop [hidden information].Check my feedback, bid with confidence, and feel free to call with questions.Shipping is the responsibility of the Buyer, but we will arrange shipping to the lower 48 states, if Buyer so desires.Shipping to the coast could cost $600 to $800, and shipping to almost anywhere else in the lower 48 U.S states is $400 to $600.Hit Ask a questionfor more information, orBeing an online retail store, we have the opportunity to allow payments withVisa, Mastercard, Discover and PayPal for a 3% User Fee.Call for details: [hidden information].This bike has no warranty, expressed or implied.IMPORTANTPLEASE READ BEFORE BIDDINGPAYMENT AND SHIPPING POLICYWe are in the business of servicing and restoring vintage American, British, and European motorcycles.Doing business with Zap Leather and Cycle carries with it the advantage of professionalism,quality workmanship, and a dependable motorcycle.Like all businesses, we have financial responsibilities such as payroll, supplier invoices, and taxes.For this reason, we depend on prompt payment.We hereby emphasize our simple payment policy and must demand strict adherence to it.A non-refundable PayPal deposit of $2,000 is due within 24 hours of auction close,after which a late fee of 1% of purchase price shall be assessed.Remaining balance is due within 7 days of auction close, after whicha late fee of 2% of purchase price shall be assessed, anda non-payment claim shall be filed against Buyer.Final payment may be made by bank transfer, wire transfer,cash, personal check, bank check, or money order.We can accept credit cards or PayPal for a 3% User Fee.The motorcycle shall be released after all funds have cleared.We appreciate the many positive experiences of the past, andwe sincerely thank our past Buyers for their purchases.Thank you all for your interest. Good luck bidding. Chuck at Zap Leather and Cycle

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Item ID: 232490
Sale price: $ 29999
Motorcycle location: Paynesville, Minnesota, United States
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 1.09.2021
Views: 3
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1975 Norton Commando Used 850L
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