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1978 BMW

$ 2275

Vehicle Title:Clean

Seller Description

1978 BMW R100/7
Perfect Running Matching numbers 1978
BMW R100/7 motorcycle
This 1978 BMW R100/7 is in excellent condition. With ultra low mileage of 16,363 miles, this
is one of the lowest mileage airheads you will find on the market. Comes with a clean Colorado title. It isn't a show bike, but a survivor and most
of the modifications are reversible. Has
always been stored indoors. Keep it as is,
or start your own new project! This is
one of the most desirable models for customization; this model specially is
known for its reliability and simplicity.
The previous owner turned it into a café racer; I set the bike up with an
easier stance and riding position, with better aesthetics and modern ergonomics
in mind. The engine is strong, doesn’t leak
a drop, and the bike starts every time. Gearbox
shifts without missing a gear. Final
drive seals were replaced, no leaks. New
parts: top clamp and steel top clamp nut from Toaster Tan, Steering head nut
upgraded with stainless steel nut from Toaster Tan, new steering bearings, new
turn signals out front, all new light bulbs in the back (turn signals, brake),
new IKON shocks, New WalzWerk Battery box (under gearbox), new Lithium battery,
new front brake master cylinder from an R100RS, new front brake lines, new
Shinko tires, new fork internals, including
Progressive springs and all new seals, new exhaust wrap, new exhaust mufflers (not
too loud, with baffles), new Monza style fuel cap, new spark plugs.
1978 BMW R100/7, 5 speed transmission, electric start, 1000cc boxer
engine. East Coast bike with 16,363
The inside of the tank was cleaned.
The fuel cap was replaced with a Monza style fuel cap for a better look and
feel for the build style. The fuel taps
on the tank were rebuilt along with the fuel lines and filters.
The Bing 32
Carburetors were rebuilt and balanced (depending on your elevation adjustment
may be required). New throttle cables installed.
The engine was given
a thorough check; no wear on internal engine parts. Valves were adjusted to factory specs. Points and condenser, gaskets, diode board,
and voltage reg were checked and the bike starts and runs great.
Information about 1978 Bmw for sale on this page. See price and photos of the Bmw
The clutch and
flywheel were inspected. All engine
consumables were replaced, to include spark plugs. Starts instantly with choke, runs smooth, and gets
even smoother as it warms up. GEARBOX:
The transmission was inspected and all parts passed inspection. Bike shifts great, no missed shifts.
Stock wheels were
balanced, new bearings were installed, and new Shinko Tube Type tires (19" front, 18" rear) were installed and
balanced. Spline's lubed.
The forks were disassembled and had its bump stops, fork oil, and all internals replaced and cleaned. New
gaskets and crush rings were installed. Progressive springs from Euro Motoelectrics were installed. New seals and dust covers were installed.
The front caliper was rebuilt with new seals and a new stainless steel cylinder.
The brake pads were replaced with new pads.
The brake lines, fittings, and break
switches are all new. The brake master
cylinder is brand new; same as on 1988 R100RS. The rear drum brake was inspected and
adjusted. Very responsive and firm brake
feel front and back.
HEADLIGHT: The headlight has a new bulb; all connections in the headlight were
checked and repaired/replaced as needed. All stock functions are retained, to include
the stock switches (all functions work), and the stock speedo/tach can be
easily installed on the bike (wiring tucked under the seat, retains original
wiring plug and all indicator lights work).
HI/LO beam function works.
Mini front turn signal LED lights were installed on the headlight brackets. Rear turn signals, and front/rear brake
lights work.
New EMGO handlebar, new R100 clutch lever, new R100RS front
brake master cylinder, newer clutch lever, choke blank. Stock switches work like new;
all functions work. New grips.
Walzwerk battery box, installed under gearbox. New Lithium battery.
Stock horns installed on brand new brackets; stock horn button
Comfortable for all day riding, hinges and locking
feature works great. No seat lock key, but there's nothing under the seat.INSTRUMENTS:Stock speedo, tachometer, and dummy lights all work. Not installed at the moment but included with the bike. Harness is tucked under the tank, so it's easy to plug in and re-install the stock instruments.OTHER:All fluids (engine, gearbox, final drive) and air filter recently changed. Bike starts right away and is ready for it's new owner.
Plenty of receipts available for most new parts. This is an exceptional BMW R100/7 both
mechanically and cosmetically, as pictures show. Located in Colorado Springs (zip code is 80924).
Has a free and clear, in-hand Colorado Title.
Will Fed Ex or UPS the signed off Colorado Title and Bill of Sale to new owner,
once funds are received and cleared. Will
meet transport driver for pick up at location if needed.


Item Information

Item ID: 231046
Sale price: $ 2275
Motorcycle location: Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States
Last update: 24.08.2021
Views: 6
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1978 BMW
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