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Selling 1982 Honda CX500 TURBO

$ 10000

Seller Description

Mach IV Motors
UP FOR SALE: 1982 Honda CX500 Turbo:CX500 Turbo - what an amazing little machine. Starts up & runs well, turbo spools nicely. All brakes work great, clutch works well - shifts very smooth. I started it in 30 degree weather, it started & idled fine and warmed up quickly without hesitation. Just a very original CX500 Turbo. Previous owner bumped the garage door when putting away and cracked the front signal light and top corner of the windshield. Nothing major but worth pointing out. Everything else is amazing. Low mileage and smooth running - no engine noise - and it looks great.Make an offer if you don't like the buy it now... Call [hidden information].
******Item is up for buy it now or best offer, plus $129 service fee (required for title assignment, paperwork is required by our state as a dealership to assign title to buyer), plus sales tax/MV11 fees if applicable for Wisconsin residents - fees, sales tax and balance after deposit to be invoiced after item ends. Paperwork is required to complete this transaction. Following the sale, we will invoice for the service fee and any balance due through PayPal and we will mail the required paperwork. Original, signed copies must be returned in enclosed postage paid envelope before the title is assigned and mailed and before the item will be released to a shipper. Wisconsin residents may require electronic processing of form MV11 and are subject to sales tax and additional fees. Wisconsin residents will have titles processed by Wisconsin DMV (THIS CAN TAKE AN ADDITIONAL 6-8 WEEKS DEPENDING ON THEIR PROCESSING TIME) - out of state buyers will have title assigned to them and mailed to take to their local DMV for transfer - MACH IV MOTORS, LLC 600 E HANCOCK ST APPLETON, WI 54911 [hidden information]. TAX, TITLE, LICENSE FEES NOT INCLUDED.
Please note: payment is due within three (3) days of auction end.
I offer a 100% return policy minus shipping. If I miss something in the description it is an honest mistake I WOULD NEVER INTENTIONALLY MISREPRESENT PARTS - IT JUST ISN'T WORTH IT.
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Please don't ask to end auction early, I will not, they run to the end. If an item is up for auction, make sure to bid - it will never be this cheap again. If auction items do not sell they will be relisted as buy it now listings at a significant markup. I pride myself on prompt shipment, I hope you will pride yourself on prompt payment. Payment is due within three (3) days of auction close.
Information about for sale on this page. See price and photos of the
Unpaid item reminders are automatically opened after the three day period. If you would like to combine orders from different auctions please message us so we can make arrangements.
Thank you and good luck bidding!
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Item Information

Item ID: 248617
Sale price: $ 10000
Motorcycle location: Appleton, Wisconsin, United States
Last update: 12.01.2022
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1982 Honda CX500 TURBO
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