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Selling 1983 Ford F-150 4.9 6CYL 300CID STRAIGHT INLINE SIXL LOW MILE ONE OWNER TRUCK W/CAMPER πŸ” Automatic Gasoline Standard Cab Pickup

$ 7295

:“One owner former fire truck. Very low miles...300 6 cyl replaced in 2019..Jasper new engine with approx 5000 miles on it since replaced. Exhaust replaced May of 2021. Smooth, great driving truck..Manual choke....Interior clean with small tear on drivers side seat...Patched this is from getting in and out of truck..Dash & trim is in great shape. Underneath is very solid. Red all original...factory paint. Truck has had two tone added, looks great...Solid Truck!!! Rides, drives and handles perfect & I mean Perfect. This truck is amazing Truly amazing!!!! Have to drive this truck to believe how nice it id... Clear Title.”
Interior Color:Black
Exterior Color:Red
Vehicle Title:Clean
Number of Cylinders:8
Disability Equipped:No
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Drive Type:RWD
Body Type:Standard Cab Pickup
Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
:“One owner former fire truck. Very low miles...300 6 cyl replaced in 2019..Jasper new engine with approx 5000 miles on it since replaced. Exhaust replaced May of 2021. Smooth, great driving truck..Manual choke....Interior clean with small tear on drivers side seat...Patched this is from getting in and out of truck..Dash & trim is in great shape. Underneath is very solid. Red all original...factory paint. Truck has had two tone added, looks great...Solid Truck!!! Rides, drives and handles perfect & I mean Perfect. This truck is amazing Truly amazing!!!! Have to drive this truck to believe how nice it id... Clear Title.”Year:1983VIN (Vehicle Identification Number):1ftef15y1dla15054Mileage:67377Engine:4.9 6CYL 300CID STRAIGHT INLINE SIXModel:F-150Sub Model:67,377 LOW MILE FORMER FIRE DEPT TRUCK!!!Interior Color:BlackFor Sale By:DealerExterior Color:RedTrim:LOW MILE ONE OWNER TRUCK W/CAMPER πŸ”Vehicle Title:CleanNumber of Cylinders:8Transmission:AutomaticDisability Equipped:NoFuel Type:GasolineMake:FordDrive Type:RWDBody Type:Standard Cab PickupWarranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty

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Seller Description

Available for your consideration is a well maintained 1983 Ford F150 Powered by a 300 Cid straight6 cyl engine with automatic trans. The engine in this truck was replaced in 2019 with a new Jasper engine..Approx 5000 miles on the new engine. The exhaust was replaced May of this year. This truck is incredible to drive. Runs, drives, stops and handles as nice as any vehicle you ever drove. Please don't take my advice.come look this truck over and drive it to insure your confidence in making your purchase. You will be amazed at how this truck drives..Low miles and it shows...This truck is very clean inside and out.
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Edge of the bench seat is damagedand patched this is from getting in and out of the truck. The dash, trim panels and rest of seat and interior is in awesome shape....Never smoked in. No odors at all. Under this truck is very clean. This truck needs to be seen to be appreciated. Driving this truck will make you a believer. A wonderful vehicle to drive. Truck has very few miles on it and it drives like new. This truck will provide many years and miles of great dependable service..Look the pics over inside the bed is incredible..Clean under the doors. Camper top is extremely well built. Just a great Truck. If ur in the market don't pass this one up. Thanks for viewing..If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.A great looking highly maintained Truck....
$329.00 Document and title transfer fee will be added to the final auction price. Our Hours are by Scheduled appointment. Our hours for Emails & phone calls are 10am to 6pm daily. If we miss your email or call we will contact you the following business day. This is for Monday thru Friday. Weekend emails or calls will be answered on monday. The document fee covers all costs of the title transfer, document, processing, notary & any other documents, processing and mailing associated with this sale. This fee includes dealer, prep and all doc fee's... 45 day temporary registration with Temporary Tag is available for $20.00... Every vehicle sale should be issued a 45 day temp tag. Thisregister'sthe vehicle into your name while the full registration and title aretransferred. This tag allows you to be registered and platedlegallywhile the title process takesplace. We are a small rural area licensed Ohio dealer located in Perry, Ohio 44081 East of Cleveland near Route 90. Easy access location. We are Family owned and operated for 4 Generationsconducting family business in Lake County since 1954..We offer a safe and secure purchase transaction being known and involved in our local community for years. Buildingrelationshipswith the community and local law enforcement, building that bridge so you can feel safe and secure dealing with us. We sell and consign all types of vehicles. Being family owned, we will work hard to offer you a friendly & fun purchase. Ebay is not only a safe and secure way to make a vehicle purchase it builds friendships.
Here you can get information about 1983 Ford F-150 on this page. See price, photos and seller description of the F-150 Ford Red LOW MILE ONE OWNER TRUCK W/CAMPER πŸ” 4.9 6CYL 300CID STRAIGHT INLINE SIX.
The color of the vehicle is Red. And the engine is: 4.9 6CYL 300CID STRAIGHT INLINE SIX. Year of made is: 1983
We have been selling all over the world for years. We will work hard for you!!! selling used vehicles and upholding an excellent feedback rating does not comewithouteffort we strive for excellence. We work hard to please you. This vehicle is being sold As Is with No warranty. These are used and we can not be responsible and will not be liable for the description this is ouropinionand you should inspect yourself or have inspected to form your ownopinion of what your purchasing.Anything and everything we sell is 100% As-is.. By making the purchase your agreeing to accept and agree to accept 100% As IS without repercussions in difference in opinion in out description. All vehicles, campers and all other merchandise is available for viewing and inspection before and during the auction. We advise to inspect all purchasesaheadof time.. Every car isinspected by us and we work hard to make certain you get the best possible value on a used vehicle but they are used and anything can happen or take place without knowing. We can not look into the future and prevent an unexpected issue or problem. We also can not guaranteeyour opinion and ours is thesame. We can notguaranteeour description it is only our opinion and is not to be relied on. I promise you we will make certain we work hard to make this an enjoyable transaction. We will do out best for you... All vehicles are final inspected before delivery we will even recommend if we feel something should be done or upgraded at your cost beforedelivery. Of course anything we feel should be done or included in the purchase will take place but if we see an upcomingmaintenancerelated issue we will gladly bring to your attention and take care of at your expense. All vehicles sold to Ohio residents must pay sales tax. Out of state residents in Michigan, Indiana, Massachusetts, South Carolina, Florida, CaliforniaArizona must pay sales tax up front when you purchase from us no exceptions it is the law. . All other states will pay tax once youreceivethetransferredtitle from us and take to your BMV or DMV for transfer in your actual State. You will then take your Ohio title to your local BMV or DMV and they will transfer it into your home state. If you paid the tax up front you will not pay it again. Ohio requires us to transfer all titles. No exceptions. If having vehicle shipped we will send you all documentationnecessary that we will need to transfer your title. If picking up vehicle we will have documents prepared and ready for your signature. You will leave with a bill of sale and copies of all other documents necessary for your purchase. This process can take anywhere from 7 days to 30 days for you to receiveyour title. If your purchasing a vehicle on credit through your financialinstitutionwe will workwith your bank and make certain they receivethe necessary documentationto get your loan and see to it they receiveyour copy of thetitle. Please keep in mind Ohio requires your social Security number for title transfer and 45 day tag registration we do not keep any numbers on file only used for title andregistrationpurposes. This isrequiredin the state of Ohio by law and can not be avoided if you have an issue with this please contact the State of Ohio and inquire about this process. We have no need or reason to have your social otherwise. We are just doingourjob and making certain we file your documents and transfer title properly for your ownsafety. If you have any questions at all please contact me.We will do everything possible on our end to make certain you have a safe and enjoyable transaction.Thank you!!! Our family does appreciate your business. Keep in mind we can assist in any and all transport needs.....Payment process, we accept cash in hand, Bank wire transfer, bank cashiers check or money orders from USPS. The non refundable deposit is to be made within 24 hours. No exceptions if not made it will automatically void the transaction. All payments are due in full within 3 days of auctionend or purchase or once again it will void the sale and lose the non refundable deposit. If you have any questions on this policy or any payment questions at all on when and type of accepted payment please ask before auction end. We like to insure a safetransaction.Please if at all possible come have the vehicle inspected or hire a 3rd party inspector look and drive vehicle to insure your purchasing confidence. All sales are Final...if you have further questions please ask. We have Airport service available. $99.00 fee and we can have the vehicle at Cleveland Hopkins Airport waiting for you on Arrival. The airport is about 60 miles from our company. Akron canton Airport is aprox 80 miles and that fee is $159.00. we have this set up for yourconvenienceto make this transaction as easy as possible for you.. All shipping I recommend USHIP...Thanks again...


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Item Information

Item ID: 242036
Sale price: $ 7295
Car location: Perry, Ohio, United States
For sale by: Dealer
Last update: 15.12.2021
Views: 1
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1983 Ford F-150 4.9 6CYL 300CID STRAIGHT INLINE SIXL LOW MILE ONE OWNER TRUCK W/CAMPER πŸ” Automatic Gasoline Standard Cab Pickup
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