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Selling 1983 Toyota Celica RA60 fitted with original 21RC engine and 5 speed gearbox

$ 12214

Seller notes:“The RA60 Celica is in very good condition overall, but the paint and sections of the interior are showing the effects of 38 years of weather and use. There is rust in the hatchback and under the fuel filler door which is very common with this model plus there is a small amount starting to show at the bottom of the doors. There is no sign of rust or collision damage under the car and the body is very straight. The engine uses no oil and the clutch and gearbox work fine but the shifter gate is a bit loose but the gears select fine. There is a low diff noise but that is to be expected. The dash has a few cracks but generally it is in good condition. The air pump and air conditioning parts have been removed. The brakes are good and so is the steering, the tyres are Toyo and have plenty of tread. The Drivers seat is not in as good condition as the passenger seat. There is no rust in the boot area and the spare wheel (same as those fitted to the car) and tyre are in good condition.””
Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
For Sale by:Private Seller

Seller Description

Celica is under club registration which is not transferable. The
Celica has done [hidden information]km and the engine and gearbox are the original
units and the engine burns no oil, the gearbox works just fine but
the gate is a bit loose. There is rust in the lower left rear of the
hatch and under the fuel refill door but it is has been treated and
is very minor. Body work and painting are not in my skill set. The
paint and some of the interior are not in the best condition. I have
replaced the following parts:- Water Pump, Alternator, Head Gasket,
Rocker Cover Gasket, Timing Chain tensioners, Clutch slave cylinder,
Radiator (original Part), Thermostat, Coolant Temperature Sensor, Front shock absorbers, Radiator Hoses, Fusible Links, Fuel Filter,
Oil Filter, Heater Hoses, Radio, Drivers Seat belt, Radio Aerial,
Exhaust Pipe, Windscreen, Front Brake Pads, Fan Belt, Brake and
Clutch Pedals rubber pads, Spark Plugs, Four Tyres. Where possible I
have kept the replaced parts. Repaired Parts:- Headlight Looms, Rear
Brakes, Front Brake Pads, Starter Motor, Rear Window Wiper, Rear
Window Washer, Fuel Tank Sender Unit. What is not working:- The A/C
system has been removed. The cabin heater.
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Item Information

Item ID: 247379
Sale price: $ 12214
Car location: Ipswich, Australia
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 5.01.2022
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1983 Toyota Celica RA60 fitted with original 21RC engine and 5 speed gearbox
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