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1992 Mitsubishi Eclipse Used 2.0TurboL Hatchback Manual

$ 27500

Exterior Color:Red
Interior Color:Black
Sub Model:TURBO
Body Type:Hatchback
Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
Options:Cassette player
Power Options:Air conditioning, Cruise control
Vehicle Title:Clean
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Seller Description

Carolina Muscle Cars Inc. - eBay Template
Engine Size 2.0Turbo
Transmission Type 5 Speed Manual
Body Style hatchback
Miles 11356
Vin 4A3CS54U6NE[hidden information]
Stock 0838
1992 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS Turbo 5-SPD 11k Actual Miles 1-owner show quality
CMC is proud to present this like new 1992 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS Turbo 5-speed. This is a documented one owner vehicle with only 11,365 original miles and was meticulously maintained in climate controlled storage from new. The car has never seen rain and only has been hand washed. This is truly the best first generation Eclipse available anywhere.First generation Mitsubishi Eclipse models are seldom seen, especially a GS Turbo model with one ownership history and low mileage. A clean Car Fax report documenting the one owner history, mileage and no accidents is included.The exterior of this car is in excellent condition throughout and still looks modern with its timeless design. The original factory Saronno Red paint has recently been detailed to a show quality finish. It's equipped with its original GS Turbo 16" directional alloy wheels from the factory, along with its factory-equipped Goodyear Eagle GT+4 P205/55R16 tires. The factory spare has never been on the ground.The interior is in beautiful condition and still smells new. The gray cloth material is very durable and comfortable. Everything in the interior is in working order including the air conditioning system. The engine compartment is highly detailed throughout. It still retains all of the original factory paint marks and stickers. There are no signs of oxidation or deterioration. It's powered by a 2.0L DOHC 16V Turbo 4-cylinder with fuel injection that is rated from the factory with 190HP. The engine is coupled to a 5-speed overdrive manual transmission. The undercarriage is also highly detailed throughout. It also retains all of the original factory paint marks and stickers.Options from the original window sticker include:GS Turbo 2.0 Litre DOHC 16V 4 cylinder rated at 190HP
5-Speed Manual Transmission
Power Assist 4 wheel disc brakes
Power Assist rack and pinion steering
205/55/r16v-rated peformance radial tires
Integrated Aero Package and rear spoiler
Integrated Fog lights
Air Conditioning
Dual Power Mirrors
Tinted Glass
HD Rear window Defroster
Rear Window Defroster
ETR Am-Fm stereo
Power Windows
Door locks
Power windows
Full Instrumentation
Leather wrapped steering wheel
Dual Visor Vanity mirror
Floor Mats
wheelsDocumentation from new includes:Original Owners manual
Original dealers jackets
Goodyear warranty booklet
Limited Warranty Mitsubishi
Original window sticker
Service receipts
All oil changes and maintenance records have been recorded with mileage records
Original unopened wheel locksIf you are looking for the best first generation Eclipse Turbo you have found it. It looks and smells like a new car still. This is a true collectors item and a museum quality car. This car must be seen to appreciate.Trades are always welcomed!Contact CMC today. Let us help you with the car of your dreams.Carolina Muscle Cars Inc,
301 S. Wall Street
Benson, NC 27504
[hidden information]
About Me
Carolina Muscle Cars is a full service, Classic Car Dealer in NC specializing in classic, muscle, exotic and sport cars.
Information about 1992 Mitsubishi Eclipse for sale on this page. See price and photos of the Eclipse Mitsubishi Red 2.0Turbo
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Contact CMC and access the resources of a longtime enthusiast who understands the history and possesses the unique skills needed to meet your goals. To us, it’s more than a Classic car business. It’s personal. It’s passion.
Terms & Conditions
All serious inquiries can be made directly to [hidden information]. We encourage pre-purchase inspections. All inspections are to be done in a timely manner. Once the auction is over, the buyer’s due diligence should be completed. Please have your finances in order. The reserve met, high bidder will be the new owner. A $299 administration / documentation fee is added to all vehicle transactions. This is an AS-IS auction with no warranties or guarantees stated or implied. Good luck with the auction and please call for more information.

Item Information

Item ID: 230955
Sale price: $ 27500
Car location: Benson, North Carolina, United States
For sale by: Dealer
Last update: 23.08.2021
Views: 9
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1992 Mitsubishi Eclipse Used 2.0TurboL Hatchback Manual
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