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Selling 1993 Toyota lexcen ( vp commodore ) 5ltr V8 304

$ 6107

Seller notes:“Great condition for a 28y/o car!”
Car Type:Collector Cars
Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
Number of Previous Owners:1
Fuel Type:Petrol
Drive Type:RWD
Body Type:Sedan
For Sale by:Private Seller
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Seller Description

Listed again due to buyer not collecting.
Here you can get information about Toyota Lexcen on this page. See price, photos and seller description of the Lexcen Toyota .

This car was a one owner car with a genuine 90,000ks on it when I purchased it 12 months ago! It came with all the service history and log books as well the check that it was purchased with. It is in excellent condition and presents really well and draws alot of attention.
I have spared no money on this build and everything that has been done has been done to a high standard!
304 5ltr roller motor from a vt ssHsv headers with custom exhaust ( sounds great )Lowered all roundAdjustable pan hard rodWelsh plugs have been replacedTransmission been servicedNew water pumpNew alternatorCopper radiator with twin thurmo fansColour coded engine coversComes with another set of magsOn current club regRegistered as a v8Insurance through Shannon's for 20k!
The car has been set-up to be reliable and runs like an absolute dream, also sounds really nice and deep, auto changes perfectly and shifts nice and hard. Interior is excellent as you expect for a 2nd owner car. Car has small rust around top or rear window and have been quoted $1500 to repair.
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Item Information

Item ID: 249083
Sale price: $ 6107
Car location: hastings, Australia
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 15.01.2022
Views: 0
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1993 Toyota lexcen ( vp commodore ) 5ltr V8 304
Current customer rating: 5 out of 5 based on 2970 votes

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