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2003 Bmw 3-Series Used 3.0L 6CylL Automatic Gasoline XCLNT 330 CIC Convertible XCLNT Color NO Reserve Convertible

$ 1735

Engine:3.0L 6Cyl
Options:Cassette Player, CD Player, Convertible, Leather Seats
Power Options:Air Conditioning, Cruise Control, Power Locks, Power Windows, Power Seats
Sub Model:Excellent BMW 330CIC Convertible XCLNT Color Combo
Number of Cylinders:6
Safety Features:Anti-Lock Brakes, Driver Airbag, Passenger Airbag
Interior Color:Peanut Butter Tan
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Exterior Color:Black
Trim:XCLNT 330 CIC Convertible XCLNT Color NO Reserve
Vehicle Title:Clean
Drive Type:RWD
Body Type:Convertible
:“High Bid Wins Beautiful 2003 BMW 330 CIC Convertible Gorgeous Color Combo 100k Miles”
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Seller Description

Clean,Clear Title(Link to Auto-Check Report Attached)!!
We Welcome Out Of State and Out of Country Buyers and we work Diligently with Your Shipping Company to make the Process as Smooth as possible-We Can Refer Some Great Transporters As Well.
DMR AutoSport Welcomes You To another 1 Of our Fantastic No Reserve Auctions
We At DMR AutoSport Are a family owned, friendly dealership located in Greater Los Angeles Area. We pride ourselves in offering Special, unique Excellent Quality used Vehicles With Low-Mileage At UN-Beatable Prices. Some of our Vehicles are offered as NO RESERVE (High Bid Wins) eBay Auctions, While Some are set at UN-Beatable BUY IT NOW O.B.O.
Typically Our Vehicle are 1-3 Owner Vehicles, Clean Overall Condition, Clean Title - AutoCheck report is provided with All our ads.
We Strive to make our customers happy and give them a fantastic Experience - Therefore we only offer vehicles that we would personally feel comfortable in owning and drivingMANY PHOTOS BELOW
5-Day No Reserve Auction HIGH BID WINS!!
Beautiful 2003 BMW 330 CIC Convertible3.
Information about 2003 Bmw 3-Series for sale on this page. See price and photos of the 3-Series Bmw Black XCLNT 330 CIC Convertible XCLNT Color NO Reserve 3.0L 6Cyl
0L 6CylThis is the 330 Not The 325 Super Fast And QuickStraight 6-Cyl Automatic TransBeautifulBlack Exterior/On Peanut ButterTan Leather InteriorCaliforniaRust-Free Vehicle
!!!ONLY 100k Miles!!!
If You Have Any Questions Or Concerns Please Address it Prior To Purchase/Offer
Current Retail Value On This Beautiful 2003 BMW 330CIC Convertible is $9,995
Being Offered On An Exclusive
!! 5-DayNo Reserve High Bid Wins Auction!!
3.0L 6Cyl Motor - This Is the Luxury, Powerful, Reliable BMW Engine
Look At The Beautiful Color ComboBlack/Peanut Butter Tan leather
Runs/Drives Great - Super powerful Firing On All 6Cylinders Driving Like A Champ!!Excellent Automatic Transmission
Beautiful Rims With With Decent Tire Treding
Vehicle Comes With 2Keys&Remote Keyless Entry
This GorgeousBMW 330 CIC ConvertibleHasmany Options Luxury & Sport:
All Power Windows, Doors, Locks, Steering.... All In Correct Working Order*Excellent Working Convertible Black Canvas Top In Great Cond.*All Direction Power SeatsAll Direction AC/ Heater Front And BackGreat back Seats / Full Size ConvertibleNice Trunk Size
Traction control / ABSBeautiful & GorgeousBMW 330 CIC Convertible
The ExteriorOn This Beautiful BMW 330 CIC Convertibleis in Good Condition, Especially For A Used 18yr Old vehicle,Black. No Major Damage At All... Has Some scratches, scuffs, Scrapes, Chips, Ding, paint peel, Front Bumper Has Chips(look At Pic)... - Look at Pics-Looks Great Overall!!!!
The Interioris Gorgeous Peanut ButterTanLeather In Great Condition all Around,...- Seats do not have Rips Or Tares, Wood Grain In Great Condition,Black Canvas Convertible In great Condition/No Rips or Tares
Overall Beautiful Gorgeous2003 BMW 330 CIC Convertible Runs/Drives Great(Look at pics)Beautiful&Clean- Clean Title
ONLY 100k MilesThis vehicle is Nevertheless 18yrs Old & Used!! Plz Do Not Expect Perfection!! Vehicle being sold as-is where is with no warranty
Registration:Vehicle Comes with a Clean CA TITLECa Registration Was Valid 6/2021Vehicle Just Passed Rigorous Ca Smog And Inspection and Comes with a Certificate
*CA Buyer Will have to Pay Title, Taxes,Smog And Reg Fees Upon Pickup Of Vehicle*
Out Of State or Out of Country Buyer:Buyer will receive Clean Clear CA TitleOut of state buyersShipping/Transporting the vehiclewill pay Taxes, Reg And DMV Fees in their Home State No California Sales TaxAssessed
*Out Of State Buyer Coming To California To Pickup The Vehicle Will Pay CA Sales Tax Upon Pickup*
We Welcome Out Of State and Out of Country Buyers and we work Diligently with Your Shipping Company to make the Process as Smooth as possible
* As A Dealer We charge A Doc Fee of $165 To All Buyers*
Saleterms & Conditions:
Immediate non refundable paypal deposit of $200 due within 24hrsFull payment Due within 7 Days Of Auction Close
If you do not contact us within this time period we will report you to ebay and relist the vehicle
Balance Of Payment Must be Paid With Cash, Bank Wire Transfer, Cashiers check only (once verified)
No credit/ debit card, Paypal, Financing or personal check Available For Balance Payment at this time!!
We reserve the right to end auction for any reasonVEHICLE ONCE PAID FULLY WITHIN 7-DAYS OF AUCTION CLOSE, MUST BE PICKED UP, TRANSPORTED, MOVED FROM OUR FACILITY WITHIN 30DAYS OF AUCTION CLOSE (Unless Prior Arrangements Have been Made)!!!
IF Vehicle Is Not Picked Up WITHIN The 30Day GracePerioda $65/DAY STORAGE FEE will Be Assesed For EveryDay Thereafter Day 30!!. VEHICLE WILL NOT BE RELEASED UNTIL STORAGE FEES HAVE BEEN MADE
To schedule pickup Or For questions (winning bidder) should contact us through Ebay message
ThisVehicle is Located in Greater Los Angeles Area, Ca

Item Information

Item ID: 233142
Sale price: $ 1735
Car location: Bell, California, United States
Last update: 5.09.2021
Views: 1
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2003 Bmw 3-Series Used 3.0L 6CylL Automatic Gasoline XCLNT 330 CIC Convertible XCLNT Color NO Reserve Convertible
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