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2003 Harley-davidson V-ROD Used 1130L VRSC VRSCA V-Rod VROD 100th Anniversary w/ Extras

$ 7995

Engine Size (cc):1130
Exterior Color:Pearl White on White Ghost Flames
Trim:VRSC VRSCA V-Rod VROD 100th Anniversary w/ Extras
Vehicle Title:Clean
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Seller Description

2003 Harley-Davidson VRSC VRSCA V-Rod VROD 100th Anniversary w/ Extras 1130cc -315 Big Road Zieglerville PA 19492 - NATIONWIDE SHIPPING - [hidden information]
1130cc/76" Engine. 5-Speed Transmission. Pearl White on White Ghost Flames Paint. 22,472 Miles. 100th Anniversary Markings.
Extras Include: Vance & Hines Chrome Slip-On Mufflers. Chrome Flame Grips, Coolant Hose Cover, Headlamp Visor, and Low-Profile Passenger Backrest. Upgraded Front/Rear Foot Pegs. Chrome Swingarm Bolt Cover.
VIN#1HD1HAZ173K[hidden information]
Full Payment via Bank-to-Bank Wire Transfer, Cashiers Check, Bank Check, Cash in Person, or Loan Check, is Due Within 7 Days of Initial Deposit.
Information about 2003 Harley-davidson V-ROD for sale on this page. See price and photos of the V-ROD Harley-davidson Pearl White on White Ghost Flames VRSC VRSCA V-Rod VROD 100th Anniversary w/ Extras
There is a $149 Documentary Fee that covers Purchase/Shipping Paperwork Costs. Additionally, we offer a $199 Dealer Preparation Fee that Includes: Dealer Safety/Mechanical Service, Fresh Fluids, Detailing, and a 30-Day In-House Warranty. We also offer/recommend Dyno-Tuning Service. Please Inquire for Details!
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2003 Harley-Davidson VRSC VRSCA V-Rod VROD 100th Anniversary w/ Extras 1130cc -315 Big Road Zieglerville PA 19492 - NATIONWIDE SHIPPING - [hidden information]1130cc/76" Engine. 5-Speed Transmission. Pearl White on White Ghost Flames Paint. 22,472 Miles. 100th Anniversary Markings.Extras Include: Vance & Hines Chrome Slip-On Mufflers. Chrome Flame Grips, Coolant Hose Cover, Headlamp Visor, and Low-Profile Passenger Backrest. Upgraded Front/Rear Foot Pegs. Chrome Swingarm Bolt Cover.VIN#1HD1HAZ173K[hidden information]Full Payment via Bank-to-Bank Wire Transfer, Ca

Item Information

Item ID: 230388
Sale price: $ 7995
Motorcycle location: Zieglerville, Pennsylvania, United States
For sale by: Dealer
Last update: 20.08.2021
Views: 5
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2003 Harley-davidson V-ROD Used 1130L VRSC VRSCA V-Rod VROD 100th Anniversary w/ Extras
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