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2004 Porsche Boxster Convertible / Cabriolet

$ 10995

Seller Description

2.7L flat six “Boxer” engine
5 speed manual transmission
Original Midnight Blue paint
Bose CD Player with an in-dash 4 CD holder
Bose Premium Sound w/Subwoofer
Air Conditioning with Auto Climate Control
Power Soft Top Convertible
Power Windows, Locks and Mirrors
Cruise Control
Graphite Leather Interior with Power Seat
Convertible Rear Glass Window with Defrost
Remote lock/unlock – two keys and remotes included (one
remote doesn’t work)
17 inch OEM Boxster S Alloy Wheels
New Riken Raptor Tires
Includes Wheel Locks/Spare Tire /Quick Start Owners Manual
and a Spare Tire Cover
For sale is my beautiful and well maintained 2004 PORSCHE
BOXSTER – the last year for the 986 model and the most desirable. The car is in very nice overall condition. This vehicle has been really pampered all its
life, and it looks nice and clean inside and out. It runs and drives great with plenty of power
to spare. There are NO warning lights
nor any trouble codes at all, absolutely no leaks, super clean appearance with
absolutely no rust anywhere. Motor is
smooth and handles the road excellent. The manual transmission shifts smooth
and solid. The air is ice cold, all the
electrical functions and the power top works just as it should (new relay
installed by Porsche dealer recently!)
I bought the car recently from a local private aircraft pilot. It changed
hands between members of his family a few times over several years, but still the same family and still here in the salt and
rust free southeast. The Boxster was a
bucket list car for me, but nagging back pain and a shiny new hernia have
rendered me pretty much doomed to drive a boring automatic SUV forever. The car sits quietly in my garage, but I do
take it out on the occasional weekendto
keep it up. And I hurt immediately thereafter, hence my reluctant sale.The car looks great overall, but does have its share of nicks, dings and scratches as to be expected with a 17 year old car. Inside, the presents very nicely. I added brand new OEM floor mats from Pelican in the correct graphite color. The driver's seat does have a split in the leather at one seam, but a replacement seat bottom is included. The tires
are new (have receipt.) All the lights
and other electrics work fine. The top
is serviceable and in good overall shape with no rips or holes, but it is the
original and is aged. The inside liner
sags but I never drive the car with the top up so it never bothered me.
The car comes with a clean and clear Georgia title in my
name. It is currently registered, passed
emissions and is insured through Hagerty Collector Insurance.A $500 non-refundable deposit is due via PayPal immediately at close of this auction with the balance remaining due within 3 business days.
Information about for sale on this page. See price and photos of the
Cash in person, bank wire or cashier's check (must clear my bank) are the only acceptable forms of payment for the balance.Thanks for your interest!

Item Information

Item ID: 234489
Sale price: $ 10995
Car location: Alpharetta, Georgia, United States
Last update: 16.09.2021
Views: 12
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2004 Porsche Boxster Convertible / Cabriolet
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