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Selling 2007 BMW F-Series

$ 5500

:“Please see item description below”Year:2007VIN (Vehicle Identification Number):WB10244077ZR10064Mileage:699Model:F-SeriesMake:BMWFor Sale By:Private SellerType:Sport TouringEngine Size (cc):800Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warrantyVehicle Title:Clean





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Seller Description

2007 BMW F800ST, ABS, Ultra Low MilesClean Sport Touring Motorcycle
2007 BMW F800ST
Great condition BMW F800ST motorcycle. Only 699
original miles. Bike is essentially new. Possibly only sub 1000 mile BMW
F800ST. Clean title in hand. Registration is current with DMV, PNO status. CHP
(California Highway Patrol), along with the DMV, inspected at time of
registration and officer found no faults (CHP documents available to preview in
person). Second owner. Bike was originally owned by BMW. Bike has always been
garaged. Never rode in the rain or track. Always been in California. Started
and rode weekly around 2 mile private road. Key included. A brand new battery
will be installed so you should have no issues. Tires are excellent. No leaks.
All electronics work. ABS is working. All factory recalls completed by dealer
(documents are available to preview in person). ECM firmware updated to newest
version by dealer. Upgraded fuel pump controller to newer black model (the
older gray models are notorious for failure), no issues.
Please contact with
any questions.
Some features are:
- 800cc Twin engine
- Ultra low miles, 699 miles
- Heated grips with multiple settings
- Electric accessory outlet
- Single sided swingarm
- Belt drive
- Anti-theft key
- Brembo brakes
- Optional ABS installed
- Adjustable suspension
- Steering stabalizer
- Rare silver/black color option
- Center stand and side kickstand
- Hazard lights
- Luggage rack
- Clean title. Never been down or in an accident.
- Includes original factory key.
- 100% stock. No aftermarket performance parts or
- No leaks, engine revs up without any issues.
- Never allowed to sit for extended periods of time.
- Transmission goes through all gears without any
- Good brakes front and rear.
- Good tires front and rear, plenty of tread left.
Information about for sale on this page. See price and photos of the

Tires are essentially new.
- Heated Grips work great.
- Suspension rides smooth without any issues.
- All lights are functional.
- All Controls are functional.
- Belt drive is smooth and provides easy maintenance,
no need to clean constantly like chain drive.
- Recalls completed, firmware updated to latest
release by BMW
There are a few minor scratches from riding as
expected from gear. Some scratches on frame (see pictures) Comes with a full
tank of gas. Brand new battery installed. I have a GS-911 scan tool and can
provide a scan to show there aren't any issues with anything on the bike (no
codes or errors, all sensors working properly). A printout can be provided.
Service records are available to view at time of pick up. Inspections are
available with appointment. If you need any specific pictures, please feel free
to ask prior to bidding.

Item Information

Item ID: 235282
Sale price: $ 5500
Motorcycle location: Newman, California, United States
Last update: 13.10.2021
Views: 16
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2007 BMW F-Series
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