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2010 Ford Ranger PK 5 Speed Automatic 3L Turbo Diesel Dual Cab 4x2

$ 2405

Seller Description

2010 Ford Ranger PK 5 Speed Automatic 3L Turbo Diesel Dual Cab 4x2
[hidden information]kms with Service BooksLockable Canopy, Tow Bar, Window Tint, HandsfreeBrand New Battery, Brand New Windscreen, Brand New TyresNeat & Tidy overall great cheap first car or tradie work uteDint in passenger LH rear door, Tailgate has a few dints & gearbox needs a shift solenoid.Clear Title, Runs & Drives WellNo Registration & No Roadworthy as isAny questions feel free to enquireInterstate Buyers Welcome Happy Bidding

Item Information

Item ID: 234480
Sale price: $ 2405
Car location: Geelong, Australia
Last update: 16.09.2021
Views: 1
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2010 Ford Ranger PK 5 Speed Automatic 3L Turbo Diesel Dual Cab 4x2
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