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Selling 2014 Buick Encore Convenience 4dr Crossover

$ 6614

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[hidden information]
North Carolina 27025
eBay Sales
North Carolina 27025
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2014 Buick Encore Convenience 4dr Crossover
Vehicle Information
KL4CJBSBXEB[hidden information]
[hidden information]
Carbon Black Metallic
6-Speed Automatic
ECOTEC 1.4L I4 SMPI DOHC Turbocharged VVT
25 City / 33 Highway
Buick Encore for Sale! Sunroof, Bluetooth, XM Radio, Dual Zone Auto Climate Control, Back Up Camera, Power Drivers Seat, and Remote Keyless Entry. Carfax Certified No Accidents with Only 2 Owners and 24 Service Records!
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Buick Encore for Sale! Sunroof, Bluetooth, XM Radio, Dual Zone Auto Climate Control, Back Up Camera, Power Drivers Seat, and Remote Keyless Entry. Carfax Certified No Accidents with Only 2 Owners and 24 Service Records!YOU CAN TEXT US AT [hidden information]Don't Worry about Getting out in Public We Can Ship this to your DoorWe Can Finance and Ship This Vehicle to your Door Never Come in the Store!You can Fill out a Free Super Quick Pre-Approval Credit Application here! Use Over 40 banks a Credit Unions For the Lowest RatesPossible For All Types Of Credit!YOU

Item Information

Item ID: 233890
Sale price: $ 6614
Car location: Madison, North Carolina, United States
Last update: 11.09.2021
Views: 4
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2014 Buick Encore Convenience 4dr Crossover
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