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Selling 2015 Can-Am

$ 12500

:““used item, normal wear and tear, Runs and Rides Great, Salvage Title Unit, Tested and Inspected, Ready to Ride Now, Great Looking Bike, Very Good Looking” Year:2015 VIN (Vehicle Identification Number):3JBPDAR25FJ79 Mileage:1036 Vehicle Title:Salvage Make:Can-Am

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Item Location:Lathrop, California, United States

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Seller Description

2015 CAN-AM Maverick 1000 R Turbo X DS Side By Side VehicleVin#: 3JBPDAR25FJ[hidden information]Engine#: M[hidden information]Engine Family: FBCXX9.765NA
SALVAGE TITLE!Runs and Rides Great, normal wear and tear, Ready to Ride Now
NADA Book Value: $16,210
1036 Miles93.9 Hours976 CCLiquid CooledTurboAutomatic 2WD/4WD4X4 SelectDynamic Power Steering (DPS)ECO ModeDragonfire Seat BeltsBillet Rear View MirrorsMaxxis TiresFox Gas ShocksLinq SystemAluminum Front Bumper*** Salvage History Reported 06/2021***Unit does have California Title, but carfax report states salvage historyTested and Inspected, Ready for Fun Now!Normal Wear and Tear (A few scrapes and bumps, some minor custom mods but no major issues found)Looks, Runs and Rides Great*** Check Engine Light Came On After Wash, was Not On Prior. We Do Not Have Scan Tool To Reset***If you have any questions please give us a call (209[hidden information]Also please view our OTHER ITEMS FOR SALE ON EBAY!PLEASE NOTE WHEN SUBMITTING A BID THESE ITEMS ARE BEING SOLD TO THE HIGHEST BID AT AUCTION CLOSE!THIS IS NOT AN OFFER, THIS IS A SALE!SO PLEASE HAVE ALL INSPECTIONS AND FUNDS IN ORDERBEFOREBIDDING!!ALL AUCTIONS ARE FINAL!WE SELL ALL OUR ITEMS AS NO RESERVE AUCTIONS AND ALL OUR ITEMS SELL TO THE HIGHEST BID! WE MUST RECEIVE A $500 DEPOSIT WITHIN 24 HOURS OF AUCTIONS END TO HOLD YOUR ITEM, AND FULL PAYMENT DUE WITHIN 7 DAYS OF AUCTIONS END. ANY ITEM BOUGHT AND NOT PAID FOR WILL BE RELISTED & BUYER WILL RECIEVE AN UNPAID MARK, OR IS CHARGED A LISTING & RELISTING FEE! PLEASE DO NOT BID ON OUR ITEMS UNLESS YOU PLAN ON BUYING & PAYING! YOU WILL BE CHARGED A RESTOCKING FEE IF YOU CAN NOT PAY OR DECIDE AGAINST PURCHASE!As with all used items, you will find some minor flaws, no used items are free of defects! We do our best to check drivability, and major items, such as Air conditioners, Refrigerators, Freezers, Generators, Heaters, and Water system when they apply to the unit being sold. But sometimes there will be other issues with minor items (TV, Radio, DVD players, tiles, carpets, interior lights, ect.) and we do ask to inspect or have another person inspect before bidding. These minor items most of time do not have any issues or problems. And once these items leave our location they are sold AS-IS. So please do all and any necessary inspections before leaving our location. We are not held liable for any damages or issues found after the items leave our location. Please be ready to do you own inspection or have a inspector do a inspection when you arrive to pick up. We do strive to do our best and keep everyone happy with their items, and have done so for many years! Feel Free to ask any necessary questions! Our items are repo’s, lease returns, new dealer trade ins, prior rentals, private party purchases, etc. If you wish to know exactly, please ask BEFORE bidder or buying.Thank you!TAKE A LOOK AT SOME OF OUR OTHER AUCTIONS, WE SELL MOTORCYCLES, MOTORHOMES, CLASSIC CARS, BOATS, TOY HAULERS, ATV'S, JET SKI'S, CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT, ECT. ALL OUR ITEMS ARE SOLD AS NO RESERVE AUCTIONS, AND ALL SELL TO THE HIGHEST BID! WE SELL OVER 60 HARLEY DAVIDSON'S A MONTH ALL ON EBAY, EVERY MONTH!!!VIEW OUR OTHER AUCTIONS BY CLICKING AT THE TOP RIGHT SIDE OF THE PAGE, "VIEW OTHER ITEMS" THANK YOU!
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Item Information

Item ID: 248596
Sale price: $ 12500
Motorcycle location: Lathrop, California, United States
Last update: 12.01.2022
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2015 Can-Am
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