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Selling 2016 Ferrari California Used T * 8K MILES * $248 MSRP * CARBON * DAYTONAS * WOW Convertible

$ 168500

Interior Color:Black
Exterior Color:White
Body Type:Convertible
Vehicle Title:Clean
Warranty:Extended Warranty Available
|Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

2016 Ferrari California T Convertible RWD
VIN: ZFF77XJAXG[hidden information]
8,395 (!!)
Price: $168,500
** FACTORY MSRP – $248,022 (!!)
** Bianco Avus (White) Exterior w Nero
(Black) Full Leather Interior
** 3.9L DOHC 32 Valve Twin Turbo V8
Engine 553HP 557TRQ
** 7 Speed Double-Clutch Automatic
Transmission (F1)
** FACTORY OPTIONS ($49,049) – US
Visibility Equipment Pkg w Front & Rear Parking Cameras, AFS Advanced Front
Lighting System, Interior & Exterior Electrochromatic Mirrors &
Homelink ($10,630) * Magnaride Dual Mode Shock Absorber System w Driver Enabled
Suspension Modes ($5,568) * Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel ($5,145) * Nero Leather
Trim ($4,219) * Daytona Style Front Seats ($4,219) * Diamond Stitching Seats
($3,712) * Carbon Fiber Central Bridge ($3,206) * Scuderia Ferrari Badges ($1,855)
* Chrome Front Grille ($1,855) * Foldable Rear Seat Backs ($1,687) * Nero
Lucido Brake Calipers ($1,517) * Sport Exhaust System ($843) * Aluminum Driver
& Passenger Footrests ($843)
** CUSTOM Gloss Black 5 Spoke 19” Wheels
* Professional Window Tint * Professionally Ceramic Coated
** CLEAN CARFAX – Arizona Vehicle * No
Accidents * No Damage * 13 Service Records
Titled in the State of Arizona
CALL [hidden information] Office * TEXT or CALL [hidden information] Cory (Cell)
Information about 2016 Ferrari California for sale on this page. See price and photos of the California Ferrari White T * 8K MILES * $248 MSRP * CARBON * DAYTONAS * WOW

Item Information

Item ID: 227767
Sale price: $ 168500
Car location: Scottsdale, Arizona, United States
Last update: 4.08.2021
Views: 8
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2016 Ferrari California Used T * 8K MILES * $248 MSRP * CARBON * DAYTONAS * WOW Convertible
Current customer rating: 5 out of 5 based on 749 votes

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