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2017 Honda CB New

$ 3999

Exterior Color:Gray
Vehicle Title:Clear
Manufacturer Exterior Color:GRAY
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Seller Description

Chris Dooley
[hidden information]
10385 Mount Savage Rd NW
Cumberland Maryland 21502
2017 Honda CB300F
Vehicle Information
Welcome toTimbrook HondaVirginia and Maryland's Only PowerHouse DestinationWe are a full service Level 5 Honda PowerHouse dealer, specializing in helping turn dreams into reality.At either Timbrook Honda PowerHouse location, you can expect to find world class service, paired with an exceptional selection of new and pre-owned inventory.With on-road inventory to meet your street, track or touring needs, as well as off-road machines ranging from side by sides to a full line of 4-Wheeler and utility vehicles; Timbrook PowerHouse is sure to have a machine to meet your goals and needs.We also have a brand new stock of new Honda snow-blowers, lawn mowers, weed eaters, and generators!So, welcome to our store and happy buying!Timbrook HondaYour PowerHouse Destination!
Contact your powerhouse specialist today!Give us a call today if you have any questions. It is on the showroom floor for sale locally. We reserve the right to end this auction at any time for a local sale.
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Options and Standard Features
Basic Information
Year: 2017
Make: Honda
Model: CB300R
Stock Number: H[hidden information]
VIN: MLHNC5255H5[hidden information]
Condition: New
Type: Standard
Mileage: 635
Title: Clear
Engine Size (cc): 0
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Timbrook Honda
10385 Mount Savage Rd NW
Cumberland Maryland 21502
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ALL NEW HONDA UNITS EXCLUDE FEES SUCH AS FREIGHT AND PREP FEES; AS WELL AS TAXES, TAG AND TITLE FEES.NEW HONDA RETAIL DELIVERY REQUIRES COMPLETION OF PAPERWORK IN TIMBROOK POWERHOUSE DEALER LOCATIONPlacing a Bid: Your bid constitutes a legally binding contract to purchase this vehicle. Please do not bid if you're not seriously interested or financially able to purchase this vehicle. Please read eBay's User AgreementTimbrook Honda reserves the right to, Obtain and verify the registered information of all users who bid on this auction. Cancel any and all bids at our discretion, or end the auction early if necessary.Bidders Age: You must be 18 years of age or older to Bid. Special eBay Bid Retraction Rules: Please read eBay's "Retracting a Bid" If you place a bid before the last 12-hour period of the auction: You may retract that bid before that last 12-hour period but only for exceptional circumstances. You will not be allowed to retract that bid during the last 12-hour period of the auction. If you place a bid during the last 12-hour period of the auction: You will be allowed to retract the bid for exceptional circumstances but only if you do so within one hour after placing the bid.Funds & Financing: For help in arranging for a Pre-Approved loan or for any questions please e-mail or phone Chris at
[hidden information] prior to bidding. Buyers Inspection: Timbrook Honda has done our best to disclose all information known about this vehicle for auction. Timbrook Honda welcomes a buyers inspection. If you plan to have a buyers inspection, please make sure you inspect the vehicle prior to the auction ending. Inspection fees if any are Buyers responsibility. Representations and Warranties made by seller: This vehicle is being sold "as is". Manufacturer's warranties may still apply. Extended warranty may be available, e-mail or phone Chris at [hidden information] for details. No representations or warranties are made by seller, nor are any representations or warranties relied upon by bidders in making bids. Taxes and Registration fees: Out of state buyers are responsible for all state, county, city taxes and fees, as well as title service fees in the state that the vehicle will be registered. All taxes and fees must be paid in full in order for vehicle to be titled and registered. Title Information: Vehicles titles may be held by banks or lenders as collateral for loans. In many cases there is a delay in receiving the original instruments up to 21 days from the time we pay a vehicle off. While we usually have all titles in our possession at closing, there are occasions where we may be waiting for them to arrive. If payment is made by cashier's or personal checks we will hold all titles for 10 days or until funds have cleared. Shipping & Delivery: All shipping charges are buyer's responsibility. Timbrook Honda will help with shipping arrangements but will not be responsible in any way for claims arising from shipping damage!Licensed Carriers are generally insured for $3,000,000.00. We assume no responsibility for damages incurred after the vehicle leaves our showroom. All shipping arrangements are provided by Timbrook Honda as a courtesy. We are not affiliated with any carrier. Any claims or other communication regarding shipment of vehicles will be between you and the shipper, not with Timbrook Honda. The amount of time it takes for delivery is dependent on the carrier, but is generally 7-14 days from the date the vehicle is picked up from our facility until it is delivered to your destination. Verify with the shipper for an Estimate Time of Arrival to be sure. Finalizing your Purchase: Timbrook Honda will contact the successful high bidder by e-mail after the auction closes.
Information about 2017 Honda CB for sale on this page. See price and photos of the CB Honda Gray
Successful high bidder MUST communicate with Chris at Timbrook Honda by e-mail or phone
[hidden information] within 24 hours of the auction ending to make arrangements to complete their transaction. If we cannot confirm your intention to buy or the sale is not completed within 5 days, we reserve the right to relist this vehicle or sell to any other qualified buyer. In order to secure bid on vehicle, Successful bidder (BUYER) must within 24 hours of bid closing send to Seller a Deposit in the amount of $250 via paypal, major credit card or certified funds. Within 72 hours of bid closing, Buyer must send balance of funds by cash in person, bank wire transfer, or bank certified funds to Seller. At time of sending initial deposit, Buyer MUST fax copy of their State issued valid Driver License. Furthermore, before said vehicle is released for shipment to Buyer, all other Sale related and title related paperwork must be signed and returned complete to Seller.
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Engine Type: Single-cylinder four-stroke Bore and Stroke: 76 mm x 63 mm Compression Ratio: 10.7:1 Ignition: Computer-controlled digital transistorized with electronic advance Front Suspension: 37 mm fork; 4.65 in. travel Front Brakes: Single 296 mm disc Front Tire: 110/70-17 Wheelbase: 54.3 in. Rake: 25.30 deg. Fuel Capacity: 3.4 gal. Dry Weight: Curb Weight: 348 lb.

Item Information

Item ID: 233392
Sale price: $ 3999
Motorcycle location: Cumberland, Maryland, United States
For sale by: Dealer
Last update: 7.09.2021
Views: 2
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2017 Honda CB New
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