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2017 Ram 3500 Used Other 6.7L I6 Cummins Turbo Diesel EngineL Diesel Automatic FREE HOME DELIVERY! Tradesman 4x4 Diesel Dually Ai

$ 38990

Body Type:Other
Manufacturer Interior Color:Diesel Gray/Black
Drive Type:Four Wheel Drive
Engine:6.7L I6 Cummins Turbo Diesel Engine
Exterior Color:White
Number of Cylinders:6
Number of Doors:4 Doors
Fuel Type:Diesel
Interior Color:Gray
Trim:FREE HOME DELIVERY! Tradesman 4x4 Diesel Dually Ai
Vehicle Title:Clean
Manufacturer Exterior Color:Pearl White
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Seller Description

David Urby
[hidden information]
1202 Antler Drive
Mansfield Texas 76063
2017 Ram Ram Chassis 3500
Vehicle Information
3C7WRTCL3HG[hidden information]
[hidden information]
Pearl White
6.7L I6 Cummins Turbo Diesel Engine
Four Wheel Drive
Please call if you have any questions: Lynn @ [hidden information], Scott @ [hidden information], Shannon @ [hidden information], David @ [hidden information], Alex @ [hidden information] , Si Habla Espanol Por Favor Llame a David @ [hidden information] For a Limited Time ** FREE HOME DELIVERY ** at asking price (Up to 500 miles) ** 2017 Ram 3500 Diesel Dually 4x4 Crew Cab *** 6.7 Cummins Diesel | Aisin Transmission | Bluetooth | 6 Passenger | Tow Mirrors w/ Turn Signal | Keyless | Certified CPO Carfax | WE Ship Nationwide | 100's of Vehicles in Stock | WE FINANCE | We have financing available, click on the financing link below to fill out a credit application, we work with multiple banks and credit unions to get you approved, we will also work with your bank or credit union. Ask us about extended warranty's, we have very competitive pricing and great coverage options.
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Options and Standard Features
Basic Information
Stock Number: [hidden information]
VIN Number: 3C7WRTCL3HG[hidden information]
Make: Ram
Model: Ram Chassis 3500
Model Year: 2017
Type: Chassis
Vehicle Trim: FREE HOME DELIVERY! Tradesman 4X4 Diesel Dually Ai
Interior Color: Diesel Gray/Black
Exterior Color: Pearl White
Body Type: Pickup Truck
Engine Description: 6.7L I6 Cummins Turbo Diesel Engine
Fuel Type: Diesel
Fuel Induction: CRDI
Valves Per Cylinder: 4
Aspiration: Turbocharged
Transmission: Automatic
Drive Train Type: Four Wheel Drive
Seating Capacity: 6
Driver and Passenger Airbag
Front Head Room: 41.0 Inches
Front Hip Room: 63.2 Inches
Front Shoulder Room: 66.
Information about 2017 Ram 3500 for sale on this page. See price and photos of the 3500 Ram White FREE HOME DELIVERY! Tradesman 4x4 Diesel Dually Ai 6.7L I6 Cummins Turbo Diesel Engine
0 Inches
Front Leg Room: 41.0 Inches
Rear Head Room: 39.9 Inches
Rear Hip Room: 63.2 Inches
Rear Leg Room: 40.3 Inches
Rear Shoulder Room: 65.7 Inches
Maximum Seating: 6
Length: 282.30 Inches
Width: 97.0 Inches
Height: 79.90 Inches
Wheelbase: 172.4 Inches
Ground Clearance: 8.4 Inches
Max Gross Vehicle Weight: 13500 Lbs.
Curb Weight: 6899 Lbs.
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North Texas Direct, LLC
1202 Antler Drive
Mansfield Texas 76063
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Please call if you have any questions: Lynn @ [hidden information], Scott @ [hidden information], Shannon @ [hidden information], David @ [hidden information], Alex @ [hidden information] , Si Habla Espanol Por Favor Llame a David @ [hidden information] For a Limited Time ** FREE HOME DELIVERY ** at asking price (Up to 500 miles) ** 2017 Ram 3500 Diesel Dually 4x4 Crew Cab *** 6.7 Cummins Diesel | Aisin Transmission | Bluetooth | 6 Passenger | Tow Mirrors w/ Turn Signal | Keyless | Certified CPO Carfax | WE Ship Nationwide | 100's of Vehicles in Stock | WE FINANCE | We have financing available, click on the financing link below to fill out a credit application, we work with multiple banks and credit unions to get you approved, we will also work with your bank or credit union. Ask us about extended warranty's, we have very competitive pr

Item Information

Item ID: 235207
Sale price: $ 38990
Car location: Mansfield, Texas, United States
For sale by: Dealer
Last update: 13.10.2021
Views: 1
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2017 Ram 3500 Used Other 6.7L I6 Cummins Turbo Diesel EngineL Diesel Automatic FREE HOME DELIVERY! Tradesman 4x4 Diesel Dually Ai
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