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2019 Bmw F-Series Used 750 GS Gasoline

$ 12995

Exterior Color:White
Trim:750 GS
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Vehicle Title:Clear
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Seller Description

Jeremy Coon
[hidden information]
9803 North Hwy 301
Wildwood Florida 34785
19 BMW GS F750
Vehicle Information
It keeps your engine running, every day. Your heart beats to the rhythm of the BMW F 750 GS. It's your ticket to the adventure because with the balanced Enduro all-rounder, you will master all paths, regardless of the road surface and expand your horizons "“ because you want more. The F 750 GS gives you more power, more comfort, more spirit of GS. Feel the strong-charactered engine and enjoy the ease of handling of the F 750 GS. While you're off discovering the world, you have the bike with the automatic stability control (ASC) and the ABS safely under control. Plus with the ex factory option Connectivity, the 6.5 inch TFT-display shows you among other things which junction you have to turn off at or who is calling you. Clear and concise "“ without distracting you from the road. The entry into your next experience is "“ also thanks to the low seat height "“ easier than ever before.
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Lucky U Cycles
9803 North Hwy 301
Wildwood Florida 34785
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It keeps your engine running, every day. Your heart beats to the rhythm of the BMW F 750 GS. It's your ticket to the adventure because with the balanced Enduro all-rounder, you will master all paths, regardless of the road surface and expand your horizons "“ because you want more. The F 750 GS gives you more power, more comfort, more spirit of GS. Feel the strong-charactered engine and enjoy the ease of handling of the F 750 GS. While you're off discovering the world, you have the bike with the automatic stability control (ASC) and the ABS safely under control. Plus with the ex factory option Connectivity, the 6.5 inch TFT-display shows you among other things which junction you have to turn off at or who is calling you. Clear and concise "“ without distracting you from the road. The entry

Item Information

Item ID: 233695
Sale price: $ 12995
Motorcycle location: Wildwood, Florida, United States
For sale by: Dealer
Last update: 9.09.2021
Views: 1
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2019 Bmw F-Series Used 750 GS Gasoline
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