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Selling 2019 Harley-davidson Softail 1746L FLSB SPORT GLIDE

$ 250

Engine Size (cc):1746
Exterior Color:VIVID BLACK
Vehicle Title:Clean
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

[hidden information]
319 Commerce Way
Pembroke New Hampshire 03275
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19 Harley-Davidson Softail FLSB SPORT GLIDE
This vehicle has just been received and has not been through our preparation process yet. If you are interested in purchasing it, we can take a refundable $250 deposit to expedite it through the process. Once complete, we will post multiple photos, a video, and the mechanical and cosmetic condition on the website for you to see. If you’re happy with the condition, we can move forward with the sale. If not, we will refund your deposit or swap it to another vehicle. For more details please contact one of our team members at [hidden information] [hidden information] for local or international callers).
Options and Standard Features
Basic Information
Year: 2019
Make: Harley-Davidson
Model: Softail
Stock Number: 53329
VIN: 1HD1YMJ2XKB[hidden information]
Condition: Used
Type: Cruiser
Mileage: 4,903
Title: Clean
Bore (in): 3.94
Bore (mm): 100.1
Carburetion Type: Fuel Injected
Compression Ratio: 10:1
Cylinders: 2
Engine Brand Name: Milwaukee-Eight 107
Engine Disp. to Weight (cc): 2.61
Engine Immobilizer Brand: Digitally Encoded Security System (DESS)
Engine Size (cc): 1746
Engine Size (ci): 107
Engine Stroke: 4-Stroke
Engine Type: V Twin
Fuel Capacity (gal): 5
Fuel Injector
Fuel Requirements: Premium
Starter: Electric
Stroke (in): 4.37
Stroke (mm): 111
Torque (Ft Lbs): 108
Torque (Nm): 146.4
Torque RPM: 2750
US Miles Per Gallon (Combined): 47
Valve Configuration: OHV - Pushrod
Valves: 4
Valves Per Cylinder: 2
Heel Toe Shifter
Number Of Speeds: 6
Primary Drive (Rear Wheel): Belt
Transmission: Manual
Primary Drive (Engine / Transmission): Chain
Transmission Gear Ratio (1): 9.311
Transmission Gear Ratio (2): 6.
Here you can get information about 2019 Harley-davidson Softail on this page. See price, photos and seller description of the Softail Harley-davidson VIVID BLACK FLSB SPORT GLIDE .
Transmission Gear Ratio (3): 4.793
Transmission Gear Ratio (4): 3.882
Transmission Gear Ratio (5): 3.307
Transmission Gear Ratio (6): 2.79
Chassis & Suspension
Air Adjustable Rear Suspension
Frame: Steel
Front Suspension Type: Inverted Fork
Front Travel (in): 5.1
Front Travel (mm): 130
Number Rear Shock Absorbers: 1
Rear Adjustable Rebound Damping
Rear Adjustable Shock / Spring Pre-Load
Rear Suspension Material: Steel
Rear Suspension Type: Twin Sided Swing Arm
ABS Brakes
Front Brake: Hydraulic Disc
Rear Brake: Hydraulic Disc
Headlight Type: LED
Fuel Level Warning
Rearview Mirrors
Digital Instrumentation
Trip Odometer
Dry Weight (kg): 303.9
Dry Weight (lbs): 670
Front Tire (Full Spec): 130/70 R18 63H
Front Tire (Inches): 18
Front Tire Aspect Ratio: 70
Front Tire Speed Rating: H
Front Tire Width: 130
Fuel Capacity (liters): 18
Ground Clearance (in): 4.
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Ground Clearance (mm): 120
Height (inches): 44
Height (mm): 1120
Length (inches): 91
Length (mm): 2330
Rear Tire (Full Spec): 180/70 R16 77H
Rear Tire (Inches): 16
Rear Tire Aspect Ratio: 70
Rear Tire Speed Rating: H
Rear Tire Width: 180
Seat Height (inches): 26
Storage Capacity (cuft): 1.9
Wet Weight (kg): 317.1
Wet Weight (lbs): 699
Wheelbase (in): 64.2
Wheelbase (mm): 1630
Wheels Composition: Aluminum
Width (inches): 38
Width (mm): 972
Other Information
Belt Guard
Detachable Passenger Seat
Exterior Covers
Exterior Guards
Foot Pegs
Foot Peg Location: Driver and Passenger
Front Fender
Hand Grips
Hard Side Cases
Hard Side Case Location: Left and Right Side
Hard Side Case Number: 2
Keyless Ignition
Lockable Storage
Side Cover
Rear Fender
Side Storage Mount
Side Case Mount
Stand Type: Kick
Upper Fairing
Tank Divider
Windshield Mounts
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Vehicle DescriptionThis vehicle has just been received and has not been through our preparation process yet. If you are interested in purchasing it, we can take a refundable $250 deposit to expedite it through the process. Once complete, we will post multiple photos, a video, and the mechanical and cosmetic condition on the website for you to see. If you’re happy with the condition, we can move forward with the sale. If not, we will refund your deposit or swap it to another vehicle. For more details please contact one of our team members at [hidden information] [hidden information] for local or international callers).


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Item Information

Item ID: 242354
Sale price: $ 250
Motorcycle location: Suncook, New Hampshire, United States
For sale by: Dealer
Last update: 15.12.2021
Views: 1
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2019 Harley-davidson Softail 1746L FLSB SPORT GLIDE
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