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2019 Nissan Titan Used V8, 5.6 LiterL Automatic, 7-Spd Gasoline King Cab SV Pickup 4D 6 1/2 ft Pickup

$ 28900

Engine:V8, 5.6 Liter
Options:CD Player
Power Options:Air Conditioning, Cruise Control, Power Locks, Power Windows
Safety Features:Driver Airbag, Passenger Airbag
Number of Cylinders:8
Interior Color:Gray
Transmission:Automatic, 7-Spd
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Exterior Color:Gray
Trim:King Cab SV Pickup 4D 6 1/2 ft
Vehicle Title:Rebuilt, Rebuildable & Reconstructed
Drive Type:4WD
Body Type:Pickup
:“OUTSTANDING CONDITION! Rebuilt title ready to register in any state! ...If you have any question do not hesitate to contact us by eBay messages or by phone at (305) 771-2638. Usually we give shipping quotes in minutes.”
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Seller Description

Three reasons why buying a vehicle from us?. We do not sell water flood cars.. We sell vehicles that weconsiderhad not been involved in major accidents.. We include (3 months/4500 miles) of nationwide warranty at not additional cost*.
2019 NISSAN TITAN KING CAB SV PIKUP 4D ///Gorgeous GRAY exterior matched with a modern BLACK interior. This beautyis in awesome condition withminimal signs of normal wear.Runs, drives and looks great!
SOME OPTIONS ?️ Hill Start Assist?️Traction Control?️ABS (4-Wheel)?️Keyless Entry?️Push Button Start?️ Air Conditioning?️Sliding Rear Window?️ Cruise Control?️CD/MP3 (Single Disc)?️Bluetooth Wireless?️Backup Camera?️SiriusXM Satellite?️Towing Pkg?️Alloy Wheels

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Item Information

Item ID: 230751
Sale price: $ 28900
Car location: Miami, Florida, United States
For sale by: Dealer
Last update: 22.08.2021
Views: 5
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2019 Nissan Titan Used V8, 5.6 LiterL Automatic, 7-Spd Gasoline King Cab SV Pickup 4D 6 1/2 ft Pickup
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