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2019 Royal Enfield

$ 5700

Vehicle Title:Clean
Manufacturer:Royal enfield

Seller Description

2019 Royal Enfield interceptor int650twin575 miles300 miles oil change performed1 ownerRavishing red.Red rooster exhaustCase guardsSkid plate2 seatsUpgraded mirrorsHandlebar padBar endsRadiator guardBlack intake cover kitBlack heel guardMachined oil filler capAlloy wheel set includedAll original parts.Will help with shippingAbout $1300 in accessories on bike.

Item Information

Item ID: 232252
Sale price: $ 5700
Motorcycle location: Stafford Springs, Connecticut, United States
Last update: 31.08.2021
Views: 8
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2019 Royal Enfield
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TOP item 2019 Royal Enfield 2019 Royal Enfield
Price: $ 5700

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