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Selling 2020 Suzuki V-strom 250

$ 4466

For sale by:Private seller
Product Type:Road Bikes
:“It has been well looked after with a couple slight scratches”

Seller Description

The 2020 Suzuki V-Strom 250 is a lightweight adventure bike. Perfect for learners, commuting, or for those dipping their toes into the adventure scene. It can get 500km to a tank and is easy to ride. Mechanical history is provided with 1,000km first service done.
Comes complete with Protaper bars, tkc70 rear tyre (stock tyre is included), blue coloured chain (stock chain included), blue Rad Guard levers, 2x Stedi MCX25 spotlights wired up to meet victorian rules, and Givi crash bars making this bike ready for any adventure. (Over $1000 in accessories)
It has been well looked after with a slight scratch on the spotlights, crash bar and bar end.

Item Information

Item ID: 232213
Sale price: $ 4466
Motorcycle location: Essendon, VIC, Australia
Last update: 30.08.2021
Views: 30
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2020 Suzuki V-strom 250
Current customer rating: 4 out of 5 based on 1966 votes

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