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2020 Toyota 4Runner Used 4.0L Automatic SR5 Premium 4X4 SUV

$ 35900

Number of Cylinders:6
Trim:SR5 Premium 4X4
Drive Type:4WD
Vehicle Title:Clean
Body Type:SUV
Warranty:Vehicle has an existing warranty
Options:4-Wheel Drive
:“GET THIS SUV SHIPPED FOR ***FREE*** *ASK ME HOW* CALL: 440-552-3043 Offers/Questions? We can ship this 4Runner anywhere in the lower 48 states”
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Seller Description

DescriptionRusak Motors LTD. is happy to present this extra clean 2020 Toyota 4Runner SR5 Premium 4X4 with only 31K original miles, clean and clear title. Comes extremely well loaded with: Alloy Wheels, Bluetooth, Heated Leather Seating, Touch Screen, GPS Navigation system, Rear View Camera, Traction, and every option listed @ this eBay auction! Body is excellent shape absolutely no visible dings or dents and paint is glossy and smooth that you can see your reflection in it; Interior is extra clean and odor free and smells like a brand-new car! Mechanically it's in excellent shape; serviced and ready to go anywhere; all of the electrical options are one hundred percent functional; Dunlop Tires are in excellent shape over 75% tread left and A/C blows ice cold engine fires right up, sounds strong. THIS SUV IS BEING SOLD WITH REMAINING MANUFACTURE WARRANTY (contact your local Toyota dealer with a ViN number to verify). WE CAN ARRANGE SHIPPING OF THIS VEHICLE ANYWHERE IN THE COUNTRY AT LOWEST RATES AVAILABLE VIA PREFERRED SHIPPING PROGRAM WITHOUT ANY BROKER FEES. THIS VEHICLE WAS PURCHASED FROM A LEASING COMPANY WITH MODERATE CENTER FRONT ABOVE THE FRAME DAMAGE. FENDER, FRONT BUMPER, HEADLIGHTS AND A HOOD WAS REPLACED WITH OEM TOYOTA PARTS AND EVERYTHING WAS PAINTED TO MATCH. THIS UNIT SUSTAINED NO FRAME DAMAGE, NO AIRBAGS DEPLOYED $$$AVE BIG!
Your satisfaction is our number one goal!!! With the purchase of this vehicle, you will be assigned to a sales person that will guide you through the process of completing the sale: Paper work, making arrangement for shipping, scheduling a pick up and answering any and all question you may have before, during and of course after the sale is complete. Please don’t wait until the last moment, put in your offers, CALL: [hidden information] with questions, to schedule your test drives or MAKE OFFERS OVER THE PHONE! This vehicle is listed For-Sale local and nationwide via internet! Winning bidder of the auction on this vehicle will have to submit a $300 deposit within 24 hours of the end of auction, and must complete all financial transactions in seven (7) calendar days If funds are not received within this period of time, the buyer may risk losing their deposit. Buyer will be liable for total of $300 documentation/processing/title fees. We will collect sales tax for a vehicle sold to Ohio resident and to a resident of a state where that state charges sales tax to Ohio residents The following is the list of the states, applicable tax: Arizona 6.6%, California 7.25%, Florida 6.00%, Indiana 7.00%, Massachusetts 6.25%, Michigan 6.
Information about 2020 Toyota 4Runner for sale on this page. See price and photos of the 4Runner Toyota SR5 Premium 4X4 4.0
00%, South Carolina 6.00% with $300 tax cap, Washington 6.50%.Read LessFeaturesDoor Handle Color - Body-ColorExhaust Tip Color - Stainless-SteelFender Lip Moldings - Body-ColorFront Bumper Color - Body-ColorGrille Color - BlackMirror Color - Body-ColorMudguards - RearRear Bumper Color - Body-ColorRear Spoiler Color - Body-ColorRocker Panel Color - Body-ColorSkid Plate(S) - FrontWindow Trim - BlackRear Spoiler - RooflineMudguards - FrontSkid Plate(S) - RearSkid Plate(S) - PowertrainSteering Ratio - 18.4Turns Lock-To-Lock - 2.7Air FiltrationCenter Console Trim - Simulated AlloyDoor Trim - LeatheretteFloor Material - CarpetFront Air ConditioningFront Air Conditioning Zones - SingleShift Knob Trim - AlloySteering Wheel Trim - LeatherArmrests - Rear FoldingRear Vents - Second RowArmrests - Rear Center With CupholdersAdaptive Cruise ControlAssist Handle - FrontAssist Handle - RearCenter Console - Front Console With Armrest And StorageCupholders - FrontCupholders - RearMulti-Function Remote - Keyless EntryRetained Accessory PowerSteering Wheel - Tilt And TelescopicSteering Wheel Mounted Controls - AudioSteering Wheel Mounted Controls - PhoneStorage - Cargo Tie-Down Anchors And HooksStorage - Door PocketsStorage - Front SeatbackStorage - Grocery Bag HolderStorage - Sunglasses HolderPower Outlet(S) - 115v Cargo AreaPower Outlet(S) - 12v Cargo AreaPower Outlet(S) - Two 12v FrontUniversal Remote Transmitter - Homelink - Garage Door OpenerPower Outlet(S) - Two 12v RearPower Steering - Variable/Speed-ProportionalVanity Mirrors - Dual IlluminatingMulti-Function Remote - Panic AlarmOverhead Console - FrontSteering Wheel Mounted Controls - Cruise ControlCargo Area LightCourtesy Lights - DoorReading Lights - FrontReading Lights - RearSteering Wheel Mounted Controls - Multi-FunctionOne-Touch Windows - 4Power Windows - Lockout ButtonSteering Wheel Mounted Controls - Voice ControlRearview Mirror - Auto-Dimming4wd Type - Part TimeAbs - 4-WheelAxle Ratio - 3.73Braking AssistElectronic Brakeforce DistributionFront Brake Diameter - 13.3Front Stabilizer Bar - Diameter 30 MmFront Suspension Classification - IndependentPower BrakesRear Brake Diameter - 12.3Rear Stabilizer Bar - Diameter 20 MmRear Suspension Classification - Solid Live AxleRear Suspension Type - Multi-LinkStability ControlTraction ControlHill Holder ControlFront Shock Type - GasFront Spring Type - CoilRear Shock Type - GasRear Spring Type - CoilFront StrutsFront Brake Type - Ventilated DiscFront Suspension Type - Double WishboneRear Brake Type - Ventilated Disc4wd Selector - Electronic Hi-LoTrailer Stability ControlOff-Road Driving Assist - Hill DescentBattery - Maintenance-FreeBattery SaverAntenna Type - DiversityAntenna Type - MastAuxiliary Audio Input - JackAuxiliary Audio Input - UsbClockCompassDigital OdometerDriver Information SystemElectroluminescent InstrumentationExternal Temperature DisplayFuel Economy Display - MpgFuel Economy Display - RangeIn-Dash Cd - Single DiscMulti-Function DisplayNavigation System - Touch Screen DisplayPhone - Hands FreeRadio - Am/FmRadio - Hd RadioRadio - Touch Screen DisplaySatellite Radio - SiriusxmSpeed Sensitive Volume ControlTrip OdometerWarnings And Reminders - Low Fuel LevelElectronic Messaging Assistance - With Read FunctionAuxiliary Audio Input - BluetoothWifi - HotspotWireless Data Link - BluetoothInternet Radio App - IheartradioInternet Radio App - SlackerIn-Dash Cd - Mp3 PlaybackTotal Speakers - 8Gauge - TachometerWarnings And Reminders - Tire Fill AlertDriver Assistance App - Roadside AssistanceNavigation System - Hard DriveElectronic Messaging Assistance - Voice OperatedNavigation System - Voice OperatedRadio - Voice OperatedWarnings And Reminders - Maintenance DueConnected In-Car Apps - Amazon AlexaConnected In-Car Apps - SportsConnected In-Car Apps -Show LessDealer ServicesVirtual AppointmentsDigitally connect with Rusak Motors LTD. to answer questions about the virtual buying process, available inventory, financing options and more!Video WalkaroundsShop safe! Inspect the details, ask all your questions and experience the benefits of the dealership from a distance with video walkarounds.Driveway DeliveryDelivery to your doorstep! Rusak Motors LTD. will bring your newly purchased and freshly cleaned vehicle directly to you.Dealership Info Rusak Motors LTD.19401 St. Clair Ave
Cleveland, OH 44117Call Us: [hidden information]Text Us: [hidden information]

Item Information

Item ID: 230957
Sale price: $ 35900
Car location: Euclid, Ohio, United States
For sale by: Rusak Motors LTD
Last update: 23.08.2021
Views: 5
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2020 Toyota 4Runner Used 4.0L Automatic SR5 Premium 4X4 SUV
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