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BMW 1974 R90s BMW Press Bike. Owned by Lord Litchfield

$ 0

Vehicle Type:Sports Touring
Date of 1st Registration:19740116

Seller Description

1974 BMW r90s for sale
A very rare and wonderful bike with the best history for any BMW r90s you could get in the UK. The bike was one of the first r90s in the country and was used by BMW in Park Lane London as a launch press bike. It was first registered on the 16th January 1974 to the BMW concessionaires in London and it was used by them for press photography by none other than the 5th Earl of Lichfield (later Lord Lichfield) cousin to the Queen and royal photographer, who was also a keen motorcyclist. He was commissioned to photograph the work for BMW cars and they asked him to do the press photography for the new r90s. He fell in love with the bike and became the bikes first owner on the 12th February 1974, reputedly taking it as part of his fee from BMW . A framed copy of the period advert and two of his original press photographs featuring the bike are also included in the sale. He kept the bike for a further 7 years until 1981 when it was registered to a lady in Chelsea
It has had further press exposure since. It was featured on the BBC's programme The Bikes the Star in 1998. It featured in Classic Bike magazine when it was reunited with the Earl at Shugborough Hall Staffordshire. A copy of the magazine and photographs from the photoshoot are also included..
It was on the front page of the January 2013 Classic Bike and inside in a 8 page comprehensive comparison with the Ducati 750 SS. This magazine is also included.It comes with a large history file of old invoices, handbook, press articles and information on the Earl of Lichfield.The bike has the early features of Hella switches, alloy indicator housing and plain discs and kickstart. A tool kit and tyre pump are present. The bike has been fitted with stainless steel exhausts, chrome rear carrier , Koni shocks and chrome pannier racks. Side stand has also been upgraded and the original is included in the sale. The engine was rebuilt by Bob Porecha about 10000 miles ago. The speedometer was replaced at 48110 miles( retained and included) Current mileage is 2945I have owned the bike for 7 years and done very little mileage in that time . Over the past 4 months it has had an extensive refresh , with over £900 new parts. A full list of the refresh can be sent to prospective purchasers.
Here is a list of the recent recommissioning:
Work carried out on on 1974 BMW r90s from November 2020 to February 2021.Full service of the motorcycle with all new fluids and filters.Master cylinder full rebuild.Both slave cylinders rebuilt.New brake pipes.Front wheel bearing stripped,regreased and set.New front grease seals.All wiring checked and new period connectors fitted as appropriate.Starter motor stripped, tested and repainted.Alternator stripped, tested and new bushes fitted.
Information about Bmw R90s for sale on this page. See price and photos of the R90s Bmw
Timing cover removed, new oil seals fitted and new tachometer drive.Both petcocks fully rebuilt.New battery fitted.New drive shaft boot, circlips and drive shaft nuts fitted.Swinging arm removed,repainted , bearings greased and resetNew tachometer cable and oil seal.Two new throttle cables.Two new choke cables.Both Dellorto carburettors stripped, cleaned and fully rebuilt.New stainless steel fairing struts and clamps.Seatbase removed repaired and repainted , seat cover replace as per original.Gearbox removed and clutch checked.3 gearbox oil seals replacedAll fuel lines replaced with original pipeStainless steel exhaust and headers polishedBoth engine wiring harnesses replacedFront engine mount bolt replaced.Two new rear footrest fitted.New clutch/brake boots fitted.New throttle cable boot fitted.Exchange many bolts and screws to Stainless steel
Price £12000 to include some spares.Viewing is most welcome and encouraged. The bike is located in North Dorset. Please contact me on [hidden information] to arrange time to see the bike.

Item Information

Item ID: 231004
Sale price: $ 0
Motorcycle location: shaftesbury, United Kingdom
Last update: 23.08.2021
Views: 7
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BMW 1974 R90s BMW Press Bike. Owned by Lord Litchfield
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