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Selling BMW R1200RT P 2017 23,xxxKM Ex-Vic Police Navigator 5GPS

$ 12442

Product Type:Road Bikes
For sale by:Dealer
:“excellent condition, inspections, and test rides welcome”
|Item status:In archive

Seller Description

BMW R 1200 RT P
2017 Model
Ex-VIC Police23,xxxKMSold With BMW Navigator V GPS
Dual Seat Conversions Available As An Optional ExtraContact Us For Pricing and AvailabilityUtilizes NEW BMW Parts While Retaining The Police Panniers
Sold With NSW Blue SlipRego Available As An Extra fee
These BMW R 1200 RT Are Packed With Lots Of Features From FactoryThese Features IncludeLiquid Cooled 1200cc Boxer Engine, With Smooth and Fuel Efficient Power DeliveryRobust Shaft Drive Mounted To a 6 Speed Manual GearboxSuperior Stopping Power Provided By Brembo Brakes All RoundAn Advanced Semi-Active Electronic Suspension SystemHeated Grips And Seat Perfect To Keep Riding In The Colder MonthsCruise Control For Them Long Distance RidesClutchless UpShiftHill Start AssistFactory BMW Fitted Fog LightsFactory Crash Bars
Inspections And Test Rides WelcomedShipping Available Australia Wide Contact Us For A Quote
Finance And Extended Warranty Options Available
Buy With Confidence .....
Information about Bmw for sale on this page. See price and photos of the Bmw
Buy With The Ex-Police Bike Experts!
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Item Information

Item ID: 226120
Sale price: $ 12442
Motorcycle location: kirrawee, Australia
Last update: 26.07.2021
Views: 10
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BMW R1200RT P 2017 23,xxxKM Ex-Vic Police Navigator 5GPS
Current customer rating: 4 out of 5 based on 3539 votes

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