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Selling 1984 Bmw RT Used Red 798L Manual Petrol

$ 0

V5 Registration Document:Present
Vehicle Type:Custom Cafe Racer
Modified Item:No
MOT Expiration Date:2022
Additional Information:V5 Registration Document Present
Start Type:Electric start
Engine Size:798
Gears:Five-speed manual
Capacity (cc):675 to 824 cc
Extra Features:Seat cover/Solo seat
MOT Expiry Date:202200
Date of 1st Registration:19840930
Number of Manual Gears:Five-speed
|Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

Reluctantly selling my beloved and utterly beautiful 1984 BMW R80 RT due to lack of use (2 miles since last MOT!).
As you can see from the photos, she is gorgeous and was professionally converted from the ugly, boxy old brick of a standard R80 (sorry purists!) by OAK Customs prior to my ownership, where she was completely stripped, had a full engine rebuild, powder coated frame & wheels, rebuilt & lowered front forks with brand new stanchions, new seals & customised wiring loom with new connectors and additional fuses, relocated ignition switch, grips, mirror polished front brake master cylinder, custom headlight fairing with handmade brackets, new LED headlight (works brilliantly), Daytona Velona speedo, Rizoma bar end LED indicators, LED tail/stop light, new seat, carbs stripped, ultrasonically cleaned and rebuilt with manual choke conversion kit fitted, new shock absorbers, stainless steel headers & exhaust, new Firestone tyres, new lightweight lithium battery & utterly stunning (and flawless) candy apple red & Aston Martin grey metallic paint job. She really is one of a kind!
I have owned her since November 2018 and she has been without fault, as happy commuting (on occasion) across London as she is on motorway jaunts, she runs beautifully and does not overheat or complain, she just rides. She has been garaged every night of my ownership, attached to a trickle charger and has never seen rain in my time with her.
In my ownership she has had 2 full services, summarised below and receipts will be included with documents to the winning bidder:
September 2019:
: Full service with oil & filters
: Shaft drive examined, checked and pronounced to be in perfect order
: Number plate light replaced with aKoso LED unit as original was a little dim
: Wiring went through and thoroughly checked and approved
: Carbs cleaned and set up again as a formality
: Engine bars fitted for protection and also to allow the addition of a yellow auxiliary light (for cosmetic reasons only, main headlight is perfectly good) and also a wonderful (and expensive!) Motogadget glassless mirror which is made from highly polished metal and shatterproof as a consequence
: New clutch cable fitted
: New intake rubber fitted
: MOT checked and passed - no advisories
July 2020:
: Full service with oil & filters
: Fork seals replaced and new fork oil added
:MOT checked and passed - no advisories
July 2021:
:MOT checked and passed - no advisories
As I have done literally 2 miles (1 mile each way to MOT station!) in the last 12 months I have not had the bike serviced as she wants for nothing frankly!
I have completed 2 DGR (Distinguished Gentleman's Rides) on her without issue and with many compliments and interest. Be prepared though, one downside of this bike is people, bikers and non bikers alike, wanting to admire and speak to you about her, she attracts a LOT of attention, sounds amazing and rides really well. Please bear in mind that she is 37 years old so rides like an older machine, she is no Fireblade! That said, she is like nothing else you are likely to see and simply encourages riding & posing ;-) at a more sensible pace.
Original mileage at time of conversion was a low 55,000, nothing for a boxer engine which can easily cover 200,000 miles+ with easy maintenance. She has done around 1000 miles since I have owned her.
A couple of things to note, the personalised registration number is NOT included with the bike and is being taken off today, she will revert back to her original registration of B524 TCK. Whilst she is wonderful order, she is nearly 40 years old so you will understand that no warranty is implied or included. The speedo is not the most accurate of things but has never troubled me enough to look at it, I suspect a simple worm drive replacement/adjustment is all that is required, however I am not a mechanic but these old Boxer engine parts are plentiful, and inexpensive.
However, you will note that she has wanted for nothing during my ownership and is a faithful and reliable machine. Please view the photos in conjunction as they form an integral part of the description. Viewings are welcome with prior arrangement but please note that the bike is kept in a locked garage I rent that is not at my home address, I will NOT be taking anyone to my garage! Bike is owned by me and registered at my home address of course.
Sorry, no test rides, this is a special machine and I will not let anyone just ride off on her! That said, I am happy to take her out for a ride and for you to follow me to see & hear her in action. I have a young baby (hence lack of use of the bike) so need a little notice of viewings please!
I am also selling another of my 'special' bikes due to the same lack of use, it pains me to have them just sitting in the garage doing nothing, so I have bitten the bullet and decided to let them go to a new home where they will not only beappreciated, but also used!
I am a genuine seller, not a trader. Please, no overseas bidders, no PX or swaps (I have too many bikes) and no derisory offers, I don't need the money, I just want the bikes to be used and cherished. Any bidders with less than 10 feedback will have their bids cancelled and be blocked unless prior contact is made, this is to protect genuine interested bidders from being toppled by daydreamers and keyboard warriors, i'm sure you will understand. Sensible reserve applied, there is a LOT of money in this bike and I will not sell her for pennies!
Cash on collection or cleared bank transfer only, NO PayPal. Thank you.
I have uploaded a cold start walk around video to YouTube so you can see & hear her in more detail, please copy and paste the following if it doesn't connect when you click, I think Apple products don't like links on here!
Thank you for taking the time to read this pretty exhaustive listing, if you appreciate the bike I hope you will appreciate my passion for it and my desire to describe her correctly. Please feel free to ask any questions, I will do my best to answer. I work during the day so may be a few hours before replying, but I WILL reply to everyone.
Information about 1984 Bmw RT for sale on this page. See price and photos of the RT Bmw

Thank you and regards,

Item Information

Item ID: 226723
Sale price: $ 0
Motorcycle location: Windsor, United Kingdom
Last update: 29.07.2021
Views: 8
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1984 Bmw RT Used Red 798L Manual Petrol
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