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Selling BSA M20 RIGID with a B33 500 cc OHV engine

$ 7252

Seller notes:“this bike has had a major face lift with lotz of new parts fitted = new rear guard, fuel tank, rims, tyres, spokes, barrel and piston, wiring harness, seat, goldie cams, concentric carby fitted, for easy starting/performance, engine/gearbox bearings/bushes = brake linings/cable, easy starter and rides well, modified clutch for better usage = great club or classic rider bike”
For sale by:Private seller
Product Type:Classic, Collector Bikes

Seller Description

This bike has had major surgery with lotz/lotz of new parts fitted and used = new bearings/seals/bushes fitted in engine/gearbox = new gaskets = new wiring harness = new rear guard = new fuel tank = new rims/tyres and spokes = new brake linings and cable = new barrel and piston = goldie cams for performance = concentric carby fitted for easy starting/performance = reco geny/mag = rear-view mirror fitted = all electrics work and also speedo = 8" front brake = ready for the club rider or classic buff = can deliver up to 100 ks or more on advertized price = make sure you have your partner's approval before any interest
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Here you can get information about Bsa on this page. See price, photos and seller description of the Bsa .



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Item Information

Item ID: 246622
Sale price: $ 7252
Motorcycle location: Mooloolah Valley, Australia
Last update: 2.01.2022
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BSA M20 RIGID with a B33 500 cc OHV engine
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