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Selling Citroen DS3 DSport 1.6 turbo, 6 speed Manual

$ 4962


Seller Description

Citroen DSPORT DS3 turbo 6speed hatchback.
Car looks and drives great, deep read leather interior, carbon fibre dash, all factory options. This car is a must see. These cars sold for $35,000 new, a real bargain at this price, a lot of performance and handling for the money.
A few minor blemishes as expected for its age, however presents really well.
Why buy a Renault Megane RS, Clio RS or VW Golf GTI when you can buy this for half or even a third of the price for similar performance.
Apparently the Citroen utilises the same power plant as the newer Mini Cooper S turbocharged
8months registration
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Item Information

Item ID: 233814
Sale price: $ 4962
Car location: Cheltenham , Australia
Last update: 10.09.2021
Views: 11
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Citroen DS3 DSport 1.6 turbo, 6 speed Manual
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