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Selling Ford Capri Laser 2.1L

$ 0

Seller Description

1986 D reg Ford Capri Laser original BlackNo Mot currently , failed last one in June on emmisions only, carbs are running rich and need the mixes adjusting, would recomend a full rolling road set up/tune to get full performance, i would have this done but seems pointless if new owner wants to modify or remove engine, i no longer have time to keep on top of the work.
Information about for sale on this page. See price and photos of the
Last work i carried out recently(month ago), new cambelt , new coolant and oil /filter, new water pump/thermostat.
Car has had a lot of work done over the years, generally solid but needing a good body clean up and respray, extensive welding works carried out. I have a large back catalogue of photos from the rust repair works that have been carried out. The car is currently fitted with a 2.1 litre 205 block Pinto Engine running on Twin 48 dellorto Carbs. Many non standard upgrades fitted.Kent Cams KCRL31 road/rally camshaft fitted with vernier pulleyHigh Flow exaust manifold and sportex exaust
Facet Red top Fuel pump/ filter king regulator and filter, Braded fuel line rear to front
Complete Sparkrite Ignition system including stealth electronic module fitted inside dizzy cap, new HT leads/spark plugs recent upgradeNew uprated alternator fitted a couple of years ago, good condition.Uprated core raditor fitted 5plus years ago, still good condition
All new shock absorbers/springs / 2.8i single leaf spring upgrade, all round lowered by 1"
All new brake callipers/cylinders and brake lines/ hoses (braded), front 2.8i vented disk upgrade/ land rover brake cylinder upgrade
Rear axel has locating kit/ 2.8i LSD fitted when axle was rebuiltAll new Poly bushes fitted on all relevant parts throughoutFront alluminium Hub upgrade with new bearingsFront Heated Windscreen ( not wired in currently)
Many parts for the car also included, original front grill, rear wiper assembly , new bonnet stay rod, many more also includedI also have a spare performance exaust manifold and a Ford motorsport Capri spoiler that i will include if the auction goes over £4500Paperwork is available and includes the original booklet and bill of sale i think, many other receipts also available
I have owned the car for around 10 years and selling due to change in circumstances and lack of time to put the effort into her, has been garaged for the majority of this time but recently have moved to a house with no garage so time to pass her will need collecting by the buyer on trailer or similar (No MOT currently) payment on collection, no timewasters please, any questions please ask and i will try answer for you

Item Information

Item ID: 233927
Sale price: $ 0
Car location: Farnborough, United Kingdom
Last update: 11.09.2021
Views: 11
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Ford Capri Laser 2.1L
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