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Selling Ford Puma 1.4i 16v 2000 - With only 37,000 MILES and FSH - 1 Previous Owner - NR

$ 0

Seller Description

Here for sale sadly is my Ford Puma 1.4i Coupe, W reg (2000) in stunning silver. (W558 UOT) The 1.4i Was only sold for 2 years and according to how many left there 180 on the road and 364 on SORN so this is a very rare car to come up for sale and not many in this condition.
The car as best as I can decribe it is in exceptional condition for the year. You would not think its the age it is.
There is alot of paperwork to go through (See pics) but last timing belt was done in 2019.
Everything works. Really low mileage with 37,303 and likely to go up a little as I still use it occasionally.
Information about for sale on this page. See price and photos of the

I bought the car in Jan this year as I always wanted one and travelled a way to get it. The seller was an elderly gentleman and was his wifes car from new. She had it 21 years but had now passed away so wanted it to go to a good home.
I am a keen Ford enthusiast and have kept the car in as good condition as when I bought it.
New MOT was done in March and passed. Valid until March 2022.
It is in beautiful condition and may need a little time to make perfect.
Good bits
New Battery and Inginiton pack + HT Leads in March this year. Engine is really quiet and runs perfectly.Really fuel efficient, uses barely any petrol. Full tank at £40 and will go for circa 350 miles.Full and immaculate history as you can see. Including all manuals when it was bought and spare keys and receipts for every single thing done with original Ford dealership paperwork.Drives perfectly well and stops just as well.No bangs or rattles and is commented on how lovely it is by people on the street.Rare one previous owner car and inside looks like its barely been used.No rusty arches! These were treated before I was told and there is barely any signs of rust around the car.All buttons work and has Electric windows and mirrors, PAS as standard. No odd lights on the dash.JVC Stereo/CD/MP3 with AUX to connect your iPhone or Android. Original radio is with the car along with a brand new set of Puma Mats.(Unused).Rare classic in the making, Will only climb in value as these are getting less and less on the road.Overall condition is excellent and any buyer would not be disappointed.Pristine condition for the year and everything works.
Bad bits -
The drivers side headlight is discolouring, but I am sure this can be polished out.Odd mark here and there but I note only a couple and very hard to seeOne tyre will need changing soon but its not urgent.There is an odd noise on take off and happens once in a while. It is like a small squeek and lasts a second or so. You would not even notice it normally but I am a fussy person. I have had it checked at the garage and they said its a cable and approx £60 to fix it. (This is really if you want to be picky!) It does not cause a problem or affect the drive at all and I am being super picky as 99% of the time it doesnt make the noise, nor would you know unless I mentioned it.
I would say £150 and a bit of time will make it perfect show car standard.
I was not aware until recently but the car is sadly a CAT C and nor was I told by the seller previously, but I cannot seem to see any damage or repair as everything is solid. This was in 2013 when the damage occured and unfortunately I am not sure what the damage was. The price starting auction is a fair price taking this into account based on other cars I have seen on Ebay.
I am selling only as I am not driving it as much as expected with my work circumstances.
I have cherished this car since I had it and not been thrashed or abused. It really is a reluctant sale.
Please call me if you want to know more but I think the pictures speak for themselves and the amount of paperwork with it shows its a well kept car.
Please call 07931 993 888 if you have any questions.
If you win you buy. Any viewing to be done PRIOR to auction end. I am working from home most days so I am free to show you / Test drive.
If you win and dont make contact then you will have negative feedback left and reported to ebay.
Thank you for looking. - Located in Perivale UB6 by the underground station.

Item Information

Item ID: 233886
Sale price: $ 0
Car location: Greenford, Perivale, United Kingdom
Last update: 11.09.2021
Views: 15
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Ford Puma 1.4i 16v 2000 - With only 37,000 MILES and FSH - 1 Previous Owner - NR
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