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Harley-Davidson V-Rod 2003 100th Anniversary (VRSCA) signed by Willy G Davidson

$ 20603

Product Type:Road Bikes
For sale by:Private seller
:“his Bike is personally signed by Willy G Davidson This 100th anniversary model is in mint condition. As the V-Rod is no longer manufactured, this now classic bike will only increase in value. one of the few original bikes left in Australia 125+ horsepower Screaming eagle Stage 2 Cams, This is the most comfortable and best Handling V Rod I have ever ridden also great 2 up The bike has many extras that you will appreciate.100th anniversary 2003 100th Anniversary 1130 cc V Rod (Porsche developed water-cooled). Not many of these around as they are collectable bikes. For its age as this bike is immaculate and has always been garaged, Full Content chrome finish as per original Rear black paint stripe model, full gold content (24k gold pinstripe and gold highlights on badges and Tank) wonderful condition. Performance Machine 4 spot Rear Caliper, Luggage Rack and Leather rear Bag ,sissy bar & pad, Genuine Harley Hard Panniers ,HD Sundowner dual seat, Odyssey battery.”

Seller Description

Harley-Davidson V-Rod 100th Anniversary (VRSCA) Black and Silver one of only 159 imported By Harley Davidson in 2003 a very rear Motor CycleThis Bike is personally signed by Willy G Davidson ( the grandson of the originalBill Davidson of HarleyDavidson)This 100th anniversary model is in mint condition. As the
V-Rod is no longer manufactured, this now classic bike will only increase in
value, It has only done 39,000km. one of the few original bikes left in
Australia 125+ horsepower Screaming eagle Stage 2 Cams, This is the most comfortable
and best Handling V Rod I have ever ridden also great 2 up
The bike has many extras that you will appreciate.
100th anniversary 2003 100th Anniversary 1130 cc V Rod (Porsche developed water-cooled).
Not many of these around as they are collectable bikes. For its age as this
bike is immaculate and has always been garaged, Full Content chrome finish as
per original Rear black paint stripe model, full gold content (24k gold pinstripe
and gold highlights on badges and Tank) wonderful condition. Performance Machine
4 spot Rear Caliper, Luggage Rack and Leather rear Bag ,sissy bar & pad,
Genuine Harley Hard Panniers ,HD Sundowner dual seat, Odyssey battery. A
joy to ride. All centenary badges plus Gold Detail, a Really clean bike. 2003
V-Rod 100th Anniversary model.
Information about Harley-davidson for sale on this page. See price and photos of the Harley-davidson
This unique V-Rod with the 1130cc liquid cooled
V-Twin. Featuring slip-on Screaming eagle mufflers, passenger backrest Screaming
eagle folk brace
Ricor competition series rear
shocks. This is the only product on the market that is smart enough to know if
the wheel is trying to move up or if the chassis is trying to move down, giving
you the best of both worlds - a more stable chassis and a faster wheel
response. RIVAL® series shocks give you a smooth controlled ride with easy
installation. Each shock is custom built to rider specifications and all have a
lifetime guaranteed
, the V-Rod motorcycle represents the first member of a new family of
Harley-Davidson motorcycles – the performance custom. A tightly refined package
of pure custom Harley-Davidson style and attitude backed with the performance
of the liquid-cooled, 60-degree, Revolution engine, the V-Rod plays to your
senses and your soul.

Item Information

Item ID: 233424
Sale price: $ 20603
Motorcycle location: Port Macquarie nsw, Australia
Last update: 7.09.2021
Views: 1
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Harley-Davidson V-Rod 2003 100th Anniversary (VRSCA) signed by Willy G Davidson
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