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Selling HOLDEN 1978 HZ Kingswood SL sedan 308 V8 Ford T5, 99% restored, no reserve

$ 18320

Seller notes:“Vehicle presents in a good straight condition with original paintwork and chrome work. Vehicle has been partially restored to its present condition.”
Date of Manufacture:197400
Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
Engine Size (litre):5
Right, Left Hand Drive:Right-Hand Drive
Fuel Type:Petrol
Body Type:Sedan
For Sale by:Private Seller
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

For sale is this Holden HZ 1978 Kingswood SL 4 door sedan 308 motor T5 gearbox
The original factory ID plate reads as follows:
MODEL: 8WN69ZR = HOLDEN Large Kingswood SL HZ RHDBODY NO: [hidden information]-S = Built in SydneyTRIM: 1938-60V = ChamoisPAINT: [hidden information]9 = SupermintENG: L32 = 4.2 253 V8TRANS: M20 = 4 speedAXLE: GV4 = 3.36:1 ratio
The vehicle has now been retro fitted with a Holden WB Statesman 308 V8 engine and the gearbox is now a Ford AU T5 manual transmission.
I have owned this vehicle for the last 11 years and in that time I have replaced or renewed 99% of the vehicle. The paintwork is original and as such has scratches and stone chips. The windscreen trim work is also dented in places. The roof received a backyard paint job about 8 years ago and is in need of a cut and polish.
I am no longer able to drive manual vehicles and sadly I've lost interest in this project. It is now time to pass it on to the next owner to complete the vehicle and finish it off.
The 308 engine is out of a WB Statesman and was honed, decked and cleaned. All new parts were used in its assembly including the following:
New Piston and rings,Conrod resized,mild cam fitted,new cam bearings fitted,new lifters fitted,new Rollmaster timing gears and chain,MSD ready to run distributor,ARP Harmonic balancer bolt,Pro Street harmonic balancer,NASON head bolt kit fitted,New EAGLE Auto parts sump fitted,MSD ignition plugs,MSD Blaster SS Coil,New mechanical fuel pump,Edelbrok Holden Q-jet Performer intake Manifold,New water pump,Durapro head gaskets,New hi-volume oil pump,New Aeroflow Xpro Alternator,Aeroflow black Gilmer drive belt kit,CAE performance headers with 3" collectors,Edelbrok Performer 600CFM Carburetor,ARP bolts and fasteners used including flywheel bolts,Standard heads reconditioned to run unleaded fuel.
This engine was started and run on a test bed before installation and as such still has the running in oil being used. It will need a tune up before being used on the road as I haven't tuned it.
The Ford T5 has been fully reconditioned and a new clutch cable fitted. The unit is a DELLOW conversion and also has a new cover plate fitted.
The following is a list of all other components renewed or replaced with regards to the running of the vehicle.
New ADRAD radiator fitted.Power steering pump and unit reconditionedNew power steering belt, hoses, fluid and lines.Re- trimmed front and rear seats by Emu Auto TrimNew GTS wheel capsDeep dish GTS wheels fittedALL new window, door and boot trims and rubbers fitted,GTS front spoiler fittedNew hand brake cover,New KNOX Carpets, carpet and under felt fitted,New alternator mounting brackets,New bonnet rubberNew brake hose kitNew universal wiring kit fitted under bonnetComplete new wiring for engine bayNew headlight wiring loom and twin relays,All new door cards fitted,All new stabiliser rubbers fitted,New fuel tank sender fitted,Fuel tank cleaned, inspected and pressure tested,New handbrake cables,new front bumper rubber strip,New front discs and new disc brake pads,all new shock absorbers front and rear,complete front end re-conditioned including new bushesnew front end rubbers,new steering intermediate rodnew front windscreen,rear windscreen re-fitted,4 new Avenger GT Mastercraft tyres fitted,new dual exhaust system supplied, needs to be fitted,new chassis rubbers and bolts,new panel bolts and fasteners.
There are probably things I have forgotten off this list but needless to say it is pretty comprehensive. The vehicle will need a wheel alignment prior to road use and a tune up. The vehicle also comes with a tow bar which is not fitted.
I have cleaned the entire underneath of this vehicle and sprayed it with sound deadener. I also pulled the subframe off the vehicle and had it repainted. The whole front end was pulled apart, cleaned and repainted after new bushes were fitted. The rear differential was pulled apart and repainted as were the springs and trailing arms. All new bolts have been used on this rebuild. The brakes will require fluid and bleeding as all lines have been flushed and cleaned. The windscreen wipers were also removed to allow fitting of the windscreen and will be required to be refitted to the vehicle.
Sadly as I have said, I've lost interest in the project due to it being a manual. The vehicle starts and runs but I have made no attempt to drive it due to it not having any exhaust (supplied)(fitted with headers) so bring a tilt tray or a car trailer for transport.
The pictures form part of the description so please study them carefully. If you need more information then please don't hesitate to contact me via Ebay.
There is no warranty supplied with the vehicle whether inferred or implied. All lights, signals and indicators were recently checked and repaired by an auto electrician. Payment must be made by way of Bank Deposit within 7 days. Ebay is stating cash on delivery but this must be agreed to by both parties prior to pickup.
Thank you for looking.
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Item Information

Item ID: 242014
Sale price: $ 18320
Car location: Orange, Australia
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 15.12.2021
Views: 2
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HOLDEN 1978 HZ Kingswood SL sedan 308 V8 Ford T5, 99% restored, no reserve
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