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Holden HZ Premier 253 Auto one previous registered owner

$ 15344

:“I purchased this vehicle from a car yard that was selling it on behalf of the widow the gentleman that owned this vehicle has well-maintained it it has a fair bit of new gear underneath new springs Shockey?s brake flex lines exhaust are good it’s ready to drive and enjoy”

Seller Description

This is a fine example of a 1979 HZ Premier253 Auto
I purchased this vehicle from a car yard that was selling it on behalf of the widow from a deceased estate the gentleman that owned this vehicle has well-maintained itWhen the car yard salesman took me up the road for a test drive it has no rattles in it it is a tight carit has new springs shock absorbers flex lines and anything else the car needed he did it by the looksIt’s a credit to him to keep the vehicle in this condition if you’re interested please give me a call0438 726 697 and I’ll send more photos through thanks Craig

Item Information

Item ID: 234469
Sale price: $ 15344
Car location: maryborough queensland, Australia
Last update: 16.09.2021
Views: 1
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Holden HZ Premier 253 Auto one previous registered owner
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