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Holden WB Ute Caprice front and interior

$ 20611

:“I’m in Sunshine Coast WB Ute 1981Qld rego until November 308 red motor .Brand new rebuilt trimatic last week $3500.New diff 3:55 diff gears $2000New tail shaft $800Runs great , just been serviced last week.New batteryNew tyresNew water washer bottle .New brake booster.Electric windows and mirrors, window switch needs attention.Caprice interior.Caprice front .New wiring loom in engine bay .178000 klmSat in shed for 10years Some rust not a lot My ph0459291424 if interest$27000”

Seller Description

I’m in Sunshine CoastWB Ute 1981Qld rego until November308 red motor .Brand new rebuilt trimatic last week $3500.New diff 3:55 diff gears $2000New tail shaft$800Runs great , just been serviced last week.New batteryNew tyresNew water washer bottle .New brake booster.Electric windows and mirrors, window switch needs attention.Caprice interior.Caprice front .New wiring loom in engine bay .[hidden information] klmSat in shed for 10yearsSome rust not a lotMy ph[hidden information] if interest$27000

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Item Information

Item ID: 234305
Sale price: $ 20611
Car location: Wurtulla, Australia
Last update: 15.09.2021
Views: 0
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Holden WB Ute Caprice front and interior
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