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Honda 50 lac 1982

$ 0

Capacity (cc):50
Vehicle Type:Scooter
V5 Registration Document:Present
Previous owners (excl. current):2
Street Name:lac

Seller Description

Honda 50 lac 1982
Mot: 22.4.2022
12038 miles
2 Original keys 2 for the bike 2 for the box.
This Runs and rides perfect all the paper work from new. 2 owner bike. this bike is a 50cc fully automatic rare bike And becoming very sought after the paperwork with this bike it’s quite special comes with a original peace of paper with £50 deposit received, original bill of sale original PDI form from main dealer original logbook service history sheets And motorcycle service booklet owners manual and motorcycle dealers list book new logbook and new MOT certificate all stamped from the same dealer in 1982 very rare to come across a bike with this much history and we all know these bikes are only going up in value so come and grab a bargain any viewing welcome. thanksMore photos if needed

Item Information

Item ID: 233138
Sale price: $ 0
Motorcycle location: Doncaster, United Kingdom
Last update: 5.09.2021
Views: 6
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Honda 50 lac 1982
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