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Selling Honda VT250 Spada

$ 916

For sale by:Private seller
Featured Refinements:Honda 250
Product Type:Road Bikes
:“Used condition”

Seller Description

1989 Honda VT250 SpadaUnregistered since 10/2018. Starts & runs - carbys cleaned, brand new oil/oil filter, fuel tank cleaned out & brand new 98 octane used. 39,000km. Can be registered - club rego too.I bought the bike as a ?non-runner’ & cleaned it up - stripped down & cleaned the carbys, completed an oil change & cleaned out the tank. It needs a new battery (about $60-$70) - but I can connect a portable power pack to start it.It’s no show bike, but it pretty good condition for a 30yr old bike. I’ve taped up the torn seat with black fabric tape.To re-register it, I would install the following: fork seals, chain, speed cable (no cable attached to bike).Great bike to bring back on to the road with a few minor ?touch ups ?.
Inspections welcomed via Appt. - Cash or instant transfer on Pickup.Advertised elsewhere & may be sold prior to the end of auction.
Good Luck!

Item Information

Item ID: 233851
Sale price: $ 916
Motorcycle location: Leichhardt NSW, Australia
Last update: 10.09.2021
Views: 25
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Honda VT250 Spada
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